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This will go down on your permanent record.
This will go down on your permanent record.

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Office of the US Ambassador to Nigeria
11 Garki road Abuja
Abuja, Nigeria.
Tel: +2347084639869.


Without missing words, I am convinced 100% that you have had bitter experience with various scammers claiming to be high government officials banks and thereby defrauding you of your hard earned money the activities of these scammers has changed your perspective about conducting business on the internet and you now believed there is no genuine business that can be conducted on the internet. Well I am American and the internet was created by Americans for the purpose of creating; awareness for your products/ services and conducting genuine business with ease. I am fully committed to deliver the diplomatic consignment to you. I am a full citizen of the United States but i was on a mission here in Nigeria as a us ambassador to Nigeria.

Hence, I am making every effort to ensure that no citizen of the United States is cheated by Nigeria/Benin republic. Therefore, I need your utmost support and understanding to actualize this dream. I also want you to understand that i do trust you and i expect you to show me the same trust and respect in return since trust is a 2-way street. On the other hand, trust is a relationship of reliance. Trust also means being able to predict what other people will do and what situations will occur.

I shall be coming to your country for an official meeting on Monday and I will be bringing your funds of $15.5m along with me but this time I will not go through customs because as an ambassador to Nigeria, I am a us government agent and I have the veto power to go through customs. As soon as I am through with the meeting I shall then proceed to your address. (Send your cell phone number and the address where you want me to bring the package).

You have really paid so much in this delivery that makes me wonder. You are a very lucky person because I shall be bringing it myself and there is nothing anyone can do about it, your package($15.5m) must be registered as an ambassadorial package for me to defeat all odds and the cost of registering it is $108.the fee must be paid in the next 50 hours via western union or money gram so that all necessary arrangement can be made before time will be against us. Contact me immediately for the registering fee which is $108 only.

As soon as you send the fee make sure you send me the payment information. My flight is Sunday and I expect you to comply before then so that the delivery can be completed. If you do not comply, then it will not be my fault if you do not receive your consignment.

Thank you,
James F. Entwistle,
Us Ambassador To Nigeria.

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Board games! This was a nice surprise, I hadn't thought she would be up for board games till she was a bit older.

Last night I had thought I would show my 2.5 year old daughter a music track that was recorded in Quadraphonic originally. Adults I know who appreciate music find themselves grinning when they listen to this sort of thing.

She was not impressed.

She is being raised in a world where 5.1 is so common that there is nothing special about a music recording which is 4 channel. Movies all come in five channel. 

Oh well :)

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Exploring old technologies.

The Ansible module "synchronize" highlights an annoying habit that pops up in a lot of projects. The module "synchronize" is just a wrapper around rsync. All you really need, or probably want, is a standard way to express command line arguments in YAML. Creating a module around rsync just obfuscates what is going on under the hood and removes all of the benefit of decades worth of documentation and examples. 

Projects do this all the time for a myriad of bad reasons, i.e. trying to show value where none exists, FUD around non-existant trademarks, or a believe that tiniest change will create a revolution in usage. 

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Skill unlocked: standing!

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FUD lead engineering decisions that result in incompatibility.

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