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Hi, I have a new Galaxy S7 and I have the widget playing and visible on the lock screen. If I hit pause then the widget disappears and I have to unlock the phone to resume playback.
I know the app is still paused and not stopped because if I plug headphones in, playback resumes, the widget just disappears from the lock screen when paused.
Can I change something to get this working?

I watched Chain Letter.

Don't make the same mistake.

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Duke Nukem Under Cover Interview Trailer

Yeah thanks Nintendo!!!!!!!!

Sorry you had your 3DS stolen, but all the games you bought on the eShop, yeah they're ours now, buy them again on your new console sucker!!


I must admit that while watching The Human centipede 2, I didn't expect the line:

"There's a midget wanking in there!"

More films should use this line.

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Looks like I beat Flare to a movie review. I watched The Adventures Of TinTin today, so I guess I have to give it a score so he can decide whether or not to watch it.

I'll say it is a 4 out of 5 stars.

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The August Episode of RetroGaming RoundUp is released today.
Go and grab it!
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