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My Unsolicited Opinions
I’m supposed to be doing my homework. But I decided to take
a 5-minute break and look at Facebook because the Falcons are headed to the
Superbowl and a lot of my friends are super excited about that. I like seeing
posts from friends who are super excited. A...

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Love working for 22squared!

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The Ripple Effect
Many of my friends and family are really upset about the
outcome of the election. If you know me at all you know that I am too. But this isn’t a political post. I’ve had several conversations over the past couple of weeks
about how an individual can affect ...

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Grieving For My Friend
My friend Sebastian Benjamin died last Sunday night. I am heartbroken for his family. His wife is a friend - I actually
introduced them. And he has three beautiful children whose lives will be
forever affected by the loss of this man. I don’t remember meeti...

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A Witness for the Prosecution
I had the unenviable task of testifying in a federal trial
earlier this week. If I typed the details of the case here, it would be way too
long and horribly boring. The short story is that I was a prosecution witness
in a case against a vendor that I had co...

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What's In A Name?
I’ve read a couple of novels recently where one of the
dangers of life is to let someone know your “real name.” Apparently, once your
“real name” is discovered, the person (or creature) who knows it has power over
you and can use it against you. I’ve also r...

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Welcome Home!
I spent last weekend in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains,
in Toccoa, Georgia, with a group of wonderful people from my church. This was
our annual parish retreat, and it was the first year since before I became a
member at St. Martin’s that we h...
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