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Sean Bulger (Arrakiv)
I typically talk about writing, science fiction, fantasy, music, and games. I work in the game industry.
I typically talk about writing, science fiction, fantasy, music, and games. I work in the game industry.

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I picked myself up a Nexus 5 today. My initial reaction so far? Wonderful. It's a very snappy device, which makes sense given it boasts some of the best tech out there despite the (relatively) low cost. The screen seems beautiful, KitKat has been awesome feature-wise over 4.2, which I was running on my Galaxy Nexus... Yeah, happy.

That said, reviews I read were right: the camera is hit or miss. The images themselves seem pretty good, but it has trouble focusing effectively. That'll be addressed in an update though, so hey, maybe it'll work out. 

And so concludes my time with Qualcomm. It has been an excellent two years and a an incredible t four with the Killer gaming team.

No rest for me though. I'll talk about what's next... probably on Monday.

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So... Wait. Oklahoma finds itself with a new monument to a Lovecraftian Old One, and roughly the God of Chaos, Azathoth...

... and /the/ a small Oklahoman town finds itself plagued by horrible blood worms infesting their water supply:

Dammit Oklahoma, stop messing with the vast, terrible powers of the universe already.

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Never mind the last thing I posted. This is even weirder:

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Actual quote from a news article: "Captain America just hit one of them," he told CBS. He said that Spider-Man was bleeding. 

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Well, I'm all sorts of okay with this.

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And thus one of the great downfalls of voice commands was realized:

My main takeaway from the Xbox One reveal: SPORTS! SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS!

While they talked about the live TV experience, and also a little bit about how you can interact with your own media, I was really far more interested in hearing what they were doing with the streaming media experience, and more about how it'd interact with other devices.

Oh well. Maybe at E3?

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My Think Geek order came in, so I have the option of now wearing a Darth Vader ( or Stormtrooper ( shirt while I head out to see Star Trek tomorrow. Hrm. Choices, choices. 

I feel the need to tell the world that +Casey Monroe is, in fact, using Google+. And he's pretty okay, so that's cool.
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