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Bells and Whistles (and Beeps)
I am not opposed to technological advances.  I drove my hybrid Prius for 10 years.  It barely had a horn and much less bells and whistles.  As I only drive to my studio and to the grocery store, it has less than 67,000 miles on it.  But  I am aging, and fel...

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Culture Clash
                                          copyright 2017, cindy packard richmond     I bought the Sony DCS 100 rV for my trip to Japan and Korea.  A small, lightweight camera, it takes images 20 megapixels, which justifies its hefty price.    As someone who...

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    On the plus side, my ankle worked.  My son took me to a 4th century Buddhist Temple in the Korean Mountains.  He had been there before and mentioned it was a bit of a hike.  He couldn't find the parking area half-way up the mountain he had used before. ...

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Travel Guides in Real Life
   Why do I expect foreign destinations to look like they do in the travel books?  I might just as well believe in unicorns.    I just spent three weeks in Japan and Korea (yes, as a dratted tourist).  We timed the trip to fall between  my ankle surgery rec...

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The Munched Apple
                                                             School Yard in Chelsea   I forget how much I love New York City.  It's like a favorite uncle you think will live forever and forget to call.   My connection with the city is long, if sporadic.  As...

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Bad Habits
       It has been said that I overindulge.  Too true.  (I won't dwell on the thousand plus of pastel sticks in the basement. Susan Makara won't let me sell them or give them away as she is sure I will, one day, go back to them. )      My husband has solici...

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Friends: Up to No Good
   Fay Weldon once wrote "friends are as much duty as pleasure."  I find this to be true.   Years ago, I had two friends that became all duty.  There was little cheer to offset the hard work.  I would describe both of these people as relentless.   I am not ...

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Total Ankle Replacement (Mostly Splat-Free)
 I once was a very fast walker.  And proud of it. This was my right ankle in November 2016.  The pronounced bulge caused much pain, but only if I walked. Or stood.  The beach was the worst.  I could walk in one direction, with the bad ankle down slope, clos...

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Who Knows Where the Fat Goes?
I lost 40 pounds this year.  "Lost" is a misnomer.   Fat doesn't just disappear.  Some theorize it is follows the Buddhist allegory of the soul as being tea in a teacup.  The teacup may break apart, but the tea still exists. Some think your loss is another'...

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Were There But Meds Enough
  Like most of America, I'm having a rough go of it lately.      My husband discovered a suspicious growth on my back last night.  I can't think about that now  because in  three weeks my ankle will be replaced.  Unlike my three knee replacements, this is a...
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