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What is the world coming to? Poor wee piggie.....
Great to see you, speak soon,
Linsay x

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 In late January, we held a one day symposium at the Victoria and Albert Museum titled 'Beyond Blue'. The link below will take you to the CFPR website, where we have uploaded all of the information relating to the day, as well as some short documentaries an...

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Case Studies
As part of our project, we have invited a small group of artists and designers to each collaborate with us in the production of an underglaze decorated ware. Having selected a ware from the Burleigh range, patterns and/or imagery have been produced and made...

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Plate types
  Over the course of the project, a variety of plate types have been produced and tested. Below are some examples of these. The first is the original, which was printed cleaned up, digitised and the file used in the manufacture of all of the others. Origina...

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Rubber Roller Improvements
As mentioned in earlier posts, we have managed to replicate the original Burleigh designs onto rubber rollers by utilising laser engraving technologies. Although initial trials gave positive results in terms of line weight and depth, the fragility of the ru...

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Doctor Blades
One of the major components in the printing set up at Burleigh is the 'doctor blade'. Currently, a very thin steel blade is attached to the heavy, metal housing. This the sits along the top edge of the press, with pressure being applied along the back edge ...

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Pinting Demo
Here's a little step by step demonstration of me doing the printing and transferring process. I'm printing from a flat, copper plate - in this instance, an etching of Chris Orr's which will appear in later posts as Chris decided to use this image for part o...

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Naked wares!
A selection of white wares, ready and waiting to be decorated.

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Colour test photos
1, 2, 3 & 4 colours, pre-hardening on Hardening on in the kiln Glazed and fired tests Single colours L= post hardening R=glazed & fired 2, 3 & 4 colours. (yellow is lost) 3 different drying methods.

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Multi colour tests
This past fortnight I’ve been working with some new inks which I’ve made from stiff linseed and coloured stains. Ultimately, we’d really like to be able to transfer multiple colours onto a ware and I’m experimenting to find the most reliable process for thi...
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