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Microsoft release the source code for WorldWide Telescope.
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Chris Eargle

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The Microsoft Research Faculty Summit is taking place in Redmond on July 8-9, and the keynotes and a panel discussion will be streaming live, free-of-charge.
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Chris Eargle

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EDIT: Since the talk section wasn't very active, I decided to correct the page.

I think the definition of 'unary operation' on Wikipedia is incorrect (or rather, incomplete).

It defines a unary operation as the function f: A → A. This means a value in the set of A results in another value in the set of A when the operator is applied. So, according to this definition, a unary operation must be an endofunctor (function mapping a type to the same type).

There are well-known operators that do not conform to this definition. For example, the length operator ||v|| produces a scalar value from a vector value. The operator's operand is a value in the set of vectors, and its result is the set non-negative real numbers.

The first sentence on the Wikipedia page is correct. Unfortunately, its 'specific definition' describes a specific subset of unary operations rather than specifying the actual meaning of 'unary operation'.
In mathematics, a unary operation is an operation with only one operand, i.e. a single input. Specifically, it is a function. f:\ A\to A. where A is a set. In this case f is called a unary operation on A. Common notations are prefix notation (e.g. +, −, not), postfix notation (e.g. factorial n!) ...
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Chris Eargle

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There's no positive evidence for an intelligent designer, but there's plenty of negative evidence.
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+ChronMan24 Nah dude I'm just saying that DMT entities are a projection of the ego as a way to distract you from the formlessness and voidness of reality as well as the fact that the psychedelic experience is a setting face to face with reality. Your brain stops you from being able to see that during your regular functioning since experiencing that constantly would be pretty detrimental evolutionarily.

The psychedelic experience, by this definition, is still highly significant, it just doesn't break the laws of physics in this definition.
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Chris Eargle

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Here are a couple of extensions I added to knockout.
GitHub. Download knockout.power.js. Usage. Combine observables and subscribables with or . var combined = obsA.or(obsB);. Fire once and unsubscribe. var value = 0; obsA.once(function(newValue){ value = newValue; }); obsA(1); obsA(2); // value is 1. Combine once with or for greater control.
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No no, that makes sense. I don't think we have that kind of a situation. Thanks for the reply.
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Chris Eargle

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Chris Eargle

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This wild meme appeared in my inbox.
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He saves the day with his kodefu!
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Back once again with the kodefu master.
Chris Eargle is a Telerik Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – C#, and a former Director of INETA from Columbia, SC, USA. He has over a decade of experience designing and developing enterprise applications, and he runs the local .NET User Group: the Columbia Enterprise Developers Guild. He is a frequent guest of conferences and community events promoting best practices and new technologies. His blog,, has been featured on ASP.NET, MSDN, and Reddit.

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One more thing: if you use a goto statement in C#, I will insult you without compromise.
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