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GDG Bucharest
Google Developer Group Bucharest (GDG Bucharest) este grupul din Bucuresti al utilizatorilor pasionati de tehnologiile Google.
Google Developer Group Bucharest (GDG Bucharest) este grupul din Bucuresti al utilizatorilor pasionati de tehnologiile Google.

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VR Jam at Dracula’s Castle

We hope you would join us on the weekend of July 21st-23rd in Bran so we can envision historic, educational and touristic immersive experiences and make them reality using VR technologies.

Fill this form if you are interested:

You can find more details on our website:

#gdgvrjam #gdgbucharest #gdgpitesti #dracula


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+Nelson Vasconcelos, GDE for UX, is going to join out UX Meetup on Tuesday, Feb 7th, through a video call, and he'll talk about the prototype mindset showcasing afterwards some of his favourite tools.
Sign up here:

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An awesome Daydream VR 101 presentation delivered by Ovidiu and also an inspiring talk from Tudor and Catalina. Likewise, we were lucky to host a wonderful and diverse crowd with lots of smart questions. GDG Bucharest is now officially into gaming as well.

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Marti, pe 23 August, ne vedem la TechHub pentru un nou meetup. Pentru ca este inca vara, va fi atmosfera de joaca... joaca cu VR. Vom afla mai multe despre platforma Google de VR, Daydream, de la Ovidiu Gheorghe de la Ubisoft si vom discuta despre UX in VR cu Tudor Juravlea si Catalina Banuleasa. Inregistrati-va aici:

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We had lots of fun at the GDG Meetup on IoT last week. Hopefully we'll see new cool IoT and Brillo products coming out on Bucharest's Tech Scene

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If you haven’t heard about ReactiveX by now, this meeting is the perfect opportunity to find all about it. No matter what programming language you’re using and no matter whether you are a front-end / back-end / web / mobile / desktop developer, this new way of writing code will make your programming life much easier.


“ReactiveX Basics” - Catalin Morosan

Catalin will give a broad overview of the main ReactiveX principles and concepts, independent of any particular programming language.

“ RxJava & RxAndroid - Bringing ReactiveX to Android” - Cosmin Stefan-Dobrin

Cosmin will provide a quick introduction to using ReactiveX in Android development and will cover a few use-cases, showing how the paradigm can make app development easier and cleaner.

“ReactiveX in the .NET world” - Costin Manda

Costin will showcase a dictionary lookup application comparing the standard coding approach to the ReactiveX approach.

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After several meetings on Android Development, our first meeting in 2016 will be almost all about the Backend. Please come to Tech Hub for this one, on the 6th of January, at 19:00.

The agenda will be:

• Florin Patan - The Go Programming language.

Florin is co-organising GO language meetups as part of GDG Berlin and he’s also involved in the AWS community. He’s a maintainer of the GO plugin for the IntelliJ Platform.
He’ll introduce us to the Go language and talk about the benefits of using it vs other programming languages.

• Bogdan Nourescu - Containers & Google Cloud Platform

Bogdan is a Web App Developer with more than 5 years expertise in designing highly scalable apps. He is also a Google Cloud Platform Authorized Trainer
He’ll talk about what “containers" are, why are they the HOT topic of the day and how to start using them.

Until then we wish you “Craciun Fericit” and Happy Holidays!

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Here's the awesome DevFest Romania 2015 video! Thank you everyone for being part of this amazing experience!

DevFest ( is a community conference for professional developers, tech enthusiasts, students with topics around Android, UXD, Cloud and Web.

If you want to watch the video with English translation, check this link:

Video by Ivan Creativ

#devfestro   #gdg   #cloud   #android   #web   #google  

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Filip Hráček is Developer Relations Program Manager at Google since February 2008 and he is supporting developers from Central Europe and beyond to use Google’s technologies.

Filip presentation was “Advanced algorithms on the web: Dart, A.I. and the future of websites”. The topics were about the graph traversal, pushdown automata, fuzzy logic, genetic programming. 

He explained how a finite state machine can be represented in your Android app by the page transitions and also examples about how to use the graphs, fuzzy logic and genetic programming in your projects.

Google is General Partner at GDG DevFest Romania 2015!
Thank you, Google, for your continued support!

#devfestro   #android   #web   #google   #gdgro  
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Dear fellow Google Hackers, 

It’s time to have a new meet-up focused on Android related technologies. For this one, we will meet in a new location, also suitable for some beer networking.


"Android and BLE", Rafalea Voiculescu

- Rafaela is the Android Team Lead at VectorWatch and she will share her experience and the challenges she encountered while interacting with BLE devices in Android Apps. 

"My code architecture for complex Android apps", Catalin Morosan - Makan Studios

- Catalin will talk about how to keep your sanity when dealing with gazillion screens, tens of API endpoints and constant client request changes.

Monthly roundup

This section will be about informal presentations, desktop sharing, live coding. Bring your laptop and show us an API you like, an app you’ve worked on or anything else you want to share with the community. Some of the already announced subjects are Android Auto, impressions from DroidCon London and Showcase: Mobile App for Unicef. 
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