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Hello CF Readers and Writers,
I am considering publishing a small anthology of about 80-100 pages in paperback, under 15,000 words, mostly eBook, using either Kindle or Lulu.
Perhaps my major expense will come from content editing. I know what cover art is wanted, am a blind person so may require assistance with format and production. I know Amazon does not readily use PayPal for payment.

Can someone give me some pros and cons with using Lulu? Also, can a reputable print service now format documents so they can be either eBook ready or print on demand paperback?

I imagine that expense would cut publishing cost. I appreciate your time, help and input.
Ever Learning,
David Russell
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where we discuss health and faith topics in brief.

Hello Christian Fiction Readers and Writers,
I am currently working on an anthology with some other writers with the working title, Waiting For Messiah. Stories are retold Biblical accounts, or imagined accounts of first century citizens waiting for the arrival of Messiah in Israel and the impact that would have on their life and walk of life. I ask your prayers as we edit these stories, prepare to publish and later market as eBook or print-on-demand to the general reading public. We have a closed group on facebook called Writers Waiting For Messiah. If you would like to be involved in support through prayer or some other tangible means during the spring and or summer months, please request to join Writers Waiting For Messiah. David Russell is the author of this title and is a believer in Messiah Yeshua. You may also contact him by reply to this post. Thanks!

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Hello Writers,
I am currently working on a story that I would like to turn into a collection of EBook stories under the title, Waiting For Messiah. Each story would be told in first-person narrative, about 1000 words long, imagining life as a first century citizen of the nation of Israel awaiting arrival of the Messiah. You live under the thriving oppressive time of Herod the Great. You could be a merchant, farmer, Rabbi, villager, live in town, publican, trades-person, youngster, and imagine day to day life from your perspective and those around you. I am recommending a couple resources on which to create stories. Submissions will be voluntary, no pay offered. If interested, reply to my post with contact info. I hope to have about ten stories in this EBook, potential release around Autumn 2017.

My blog is titled Grafted In and on the Journey.

Books I am in include:

Additional Christmas Moments by Yvonne Lehman, 2016, Grace Publishing;

31 Days of October, Shae Hamrick;

Stories for Today's Christian Youth by Cheryl Rogers.

David Russell
In the American Zone of the Panama Canal, James Holt is compelled to help a mixed race girl find her mother. But the investigation may be a dangerous one. SAFFIRE, a novel by Sigmund Brouwer.

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I am wondering if someone can recommend an online Advent devotional that is written from the perspective of the Savior coming for the Jew and the gentile so the reader appreciates both cultures being considered - or would this be something others would be interested in helping produce for 2017 or 2018?

I note there is a Advent devotional focused on the Savior coming for the nations which to me is a subtle way to minimize his birth-place, upbringing and the holy land in general. Thanks for your responses.

David Russell

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I am looking forward to taking this course and actually giving/receiving feedback. Hope you might consider joining me in this free venture!
David Russell

Hello G+ Readers and Writers,
I have works in two anthologies that are coming out during October. One is titled "31 Days of October" by Terry Turner and Glenda Reynolds from Writers 750 on It is a book of Halloween stories and mine offers a different option to approaching Halloween.

 The other, More Christmas Moments, by Yvonne Lehman is her independent title. I am limited on funds to do give-aways but will probably opt for giving away EBook versions of "31 Days" as that may be less than the paperback edition. I don't have a clue as to how to set this up or whom to give away copies or coupons to. Is there a tip sheet online that discusses the basics of giving away book titles, how many, and how long of time they should be available?

I believe replies to posts come to my email inbox automatically. Please help, may use our group as the port-of-call for the give-away.. Thanks in advance!!
David Russell

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Hello, Brice thanks for the quotes.

I have an announcement for any who may be interested.

I belong to a group on GoodReads called Writers 750. Currently, submission period for a 500-word to 1000-word essay, poem, or short story about forgiveness to be published next Spring in an anthology is being advertised. All information is at, group Writers 750, and under the link forgiveness anthology. Submissions are voluntary and all the rules and such can be found there. You may need to join Writers 750 to leave comment.
 I just now posted the new "Forgiveness" anthology thread at Writers 750 Goodreads:

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*** Special Items Update*
Hello Grafted In Readers, I did some house cleaning here and will be re-stating in brief some possible items of interest about myself and this blog and the blogging community I know of. -Renee Blare is an author, editor and reviewer who has an interesting b...

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Today, Special Notices and Request
***** Hello Grafted In Readers, August 9, 2017 In Brief -A recent story of mine is posted today at titled, Not This Place. It is a fictional re-creation of a sad news story that occurred and occurs all to often in most peoples...
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