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Cakes Etc.
Minnesota's Premiere Cake Shop!
Minnesota's Premiere Cake Shop!


To our customers, friends, and fans,

There is no easy way to say this, but we’ve sold our last cupcake, baked our last cake, and delivered our last delivery. It’s never easy to say goodbye to a business that you’ve built from nothing, nurtured along the way, and watched grow into a successful part of your life. We’re not buttoning up the cake shop because we couldn’t make a go of it. But one of those rare opportunities, to set off on a new adventure, filled with challenge, excitement, work, and fun has come our way. And we’re jumping at the chance.

And so, Cakes Etc will no longer be in operation. We cherish all of the customers we’ve served along the way. All the friendships we’ve made. The opportunity we had to bring joy, happiness, and awesomeness into the lives of others. We enjoyed sharing kindness and generosity. And even if you’ve never had a chance to step into our shop, we thank you for your +1's and comments here on Google+. We hope we’ve been able to bring some of Sam’s special talents and touch your hearts.

Perhaps when our new adventure is done, we’ll come back and renew our work in the cake world. Life is full of surprises at every bend.

We thank you for your support and encouragement. God bless!

Sam & Tom

P.S. We'll keep our Google+ page here and from time to time share some things from our adventures.
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Merry Christmas! Here is our rendition of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" for you to enjoy!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the shop
Not a delicacy was making, not even lollipops.
Sample cakes were placed in the window with care
For all the new brides to adore, ponder, and share.

The customers were satisfied with their sweet tasty treats
Whence came from the cute shop on Broadway street.
And Sam, not in her apron, but instead in a dress,
Was dreaming of her vacation with relief from the stress.

When out on the keyboard there arose such a clatter
Who could be typing anything that would matter?
Away to the website she flew like a flash,
Threw open Facebook with a swipe of her sash.

The pixels glowed on the screen with the view
That lit up the Internet with many an “ooh”.
And what to Sam’s wondering eyes did appear,
Cupcakes, so cute, just like little reindeer!

Sam is the artist, so creative and smart,
She creates treats, made by hand, with plenty of heart.
Every day a new scrumptious delicacy is tamed,
She bakes them and gives them all fanciful names!

Now Sea Salt! Now Maple Bacon! Now Lemon Drop and Sunshine!
On Black Forest! On Pumpkin! On Mint and Key Lime!
To the top of the case! Into the box they shall fall!
Let’s admire them, love them, then eat them all!

But cupcakes are just one of the treats given due
Wedding cakes are a specialty for fiancés anew.
The fiancés come when their ideas abound
Asking for cakes where memories will be found.

Wedding cakes in a twinkling, many layers high,
In honor of the bride’s and groom’s loving eyes.
And shower cakes, and groom’s cakes, are part of it too,
That lead to the celebration of those words, “I do”.

So off to the reception her cakes do fly,
decked out with ribbons, and flowers, not shy.
The guests of the couple are a very happy lot,
Given fine food, drink, and cake like Camelot.

With cakes for every occasion we can appreciate
Birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries accumulate.
Over the year we have shown on Facebook, so many,
Of the creations loved by everyone a plenty.

So as we look forward to a year fresh and new,
We’d like to acknowledge our patrons, yes you!
And allow us to say with warmth from our crew
Merry Christmas, God Bless, and especially, Thank You!
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"Cute as a Button" baby shower cake! #babyshower #babyshowercake #cuteasabutton #cakedecorating #cakedesign  
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Our December 2014 Cakes!
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