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Here's how I redirect my focus using this simple saying. Might work for you too.

_ +james altucher asks_


A friend of mine asked me, "How do you deal with aging?" 

My answer: I don't really know. 

Every time I go up a staircase I try to take it two or three steps at a time. 

But I also try to do it in that playful way, like when we were kids. Racing, exhilarating, zig-zagging, clever like we're solving a staircase maze, and then BAM, the top! 

I Win! 

As long as I can do that on every staircase I see, I know I'm not old. 

How do you know when you're old?

My Response

I don't know about "old" James, I tend to agree with you though, step by step in clusters of 3 or 4. Then a breath, a few of them prob'ly, and another few steps.

But OLD? 

I don't think on those terms.

Instead, let's ask...


Cuz there HAS to be a correlation between age and wisdom.

If I had a $2 bill for every person who once said, "Old" and "Wise" together in a sentence or paragraph or talking point, I'd have at least 550 of them. Likely more.

Instead, I try to stay humble, and imperfect in the practice of being creative, loving and evolved. Especially in life situations that are characterized by changes and endings and new beginnings.

That all said, I'm still relatively young because I've been more imperfect and less practiced. 

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Good Question from +Jahnan Derso 
How Deeply Do You Trust Yourself?
And how does that play out with trusting others.
As I continue to ponder Self-Worth, I find that Trust is a big piece of Self-Worth. There are many layers. I encourage you to take some time in your Self-Care Practice today and contemplate #Trust .
Tell me what you come up with!

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One of my favorite YouTubers, +Elliott Hulse 

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