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N e v e r   f o r g e t   9 II

Shot from Jersey city last night  4 Shot Pano of WTC  Tribute Lights
Very sad to hear this was the last year the lights can be viewed. Every year I would spend a few hours photographing the lights and have a great time meeting new people doing the same.

This year I ran into a lady that worked on the 62nd floor of WTC and narrowly escaped with out any injuries. Her and a friend come out to this spot in Jersey City every year to celebrate her "rebirth" as they said jokingly.
Also met a fellow photographer that was shooting some 4x5 large format film doing 6-8 min exposures in B&W. It was great to talk with him about his technique.

#panoramaphotography #WTC #nycphotography #d800 #Tributelights #freedomtower  

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Portrait with 298 Megapixels
Ive always heard about this Brenizer method but never tried it for myself.
Well its freaking pretty amazing! I will be shooting alot more like this from now on!

#brenizermethod #d800  

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Trip to da MoMa

Some of my favorites form this weekends trip to NYC.

#MOMA #NYC #jacksonpollock #monet #picasso #andywarhol  
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New headshot/ self portrait

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Awesome video about NYCs beautiful undercity.

#nycphotography #undergorund  

Note to people seeking Videographers with REDs:
 Why would I work for you for $10 per hour if I owned a piece of equipment that costs 70k? Out of your effin minds!!!

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wow Awesome Lights and smart way to capture this car!
Large continuos light source & slooooooooow shutter = Very Cool!!!

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Engagement shoot from this week shot at NJ Botanical garden (I never knew flowers can grow in this state)
2 D800s and a lot of fun!
Had an amazingly nice overcast day for the morning just perfect!

#engagement #engagementphotos #botanicalgardens  
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Life of a Photographer.
Im Bored...
tripod strobes lightshapers
The End
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