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Alfonso Gonzalez
A Middle School Science Teacher
A Middle School Science Teacher

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Digital Storytelling Wheel for Teachers
April 14, 2017 For those of you who haven't seen it yet, here is one of our popular visuals we published last year. Digital storytelling wheel features a number of interesting resources students can use in class to create and share digital stories.  We have...

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An Excellent Tool to Electronically Sign Docs and PDFs from Google Drive and Gmail
April 10, 2017 DocuSign is one of our favourite web tools you can use to securely send electronic signatures from Google Drive and Gmail. You simply hover your cursor over Gmail attachments to sign them. Signed documents and PDFs are automatically included ...

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7 Excellent Web Tools to Visually Organize, Save and Share Web Content with Your Students
April , 2017 The web is a treasure trove of interesting resources to use for a variety of educational purposes. To leverage the educational potential of the web and be able to make the best of it in your instruction, you need to be equipped with tools that ...

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An Excellent Google Docs Add-on to Search and Insert Free Images in Your Documents
March 3, 2017 The popular Pixabay has a cool Google Doc add-on that allows you to search for and insert free images right in your documents. The process is very simple: after you install the add-on in your Google Docs, Open Pixabay Free Images , type in you...

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Personalize Google Keep for You and Your Students

Did you know you can personalize Google Keep with custom images to create visually driven notes and lists?

This post will show you how you can use the power of images to personalize Google Keep to fit your needs and the needs of your students. I’ve been a bit obsessed with Google Keep as of late.

We all know that images are a great way to help engage students, and can offer visually ways to interact and organize information. Adding custom images to lists and notes can help students visually recognize information faster and add some fun and personality to their Google Keep notepad.


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Teachers Guide to Creating Educational Visuals Using Google Drawings
March 16, 2017 There are several web tools teachers can use to easily design educational visuals, posters and infographics to use in their instruction without the need for any graphics design knowledge.  Two of our favourite tools in this regard are Piktoch...

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10 Practical Digital Activities Teachers Can Do in Google Drive Using Chrome Apps
March 2, 2017  Chrome App Store is teeming with tons of interesting applications that can help you in your instruction. We have gone through the piles there and selected for you this collection of what we think are some of the best Chrome Apps that work wit...
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