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Christian Müller
Some random quote about how great life is and peace and happiness matter ;)
Some random quote about how great life is and peace and happiness matter ;)


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Die Macher von TYPO3 Neos haben sich etwas Besonderes einfallen lassen: Sie beziehen Kunden in die Entwicklung ein – und zwar in allen Bereichen. (bla)
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Hey TYPO3 Community,

Google just started the application phase for Google Summer Of Code [1] where Google sponsors students to work in open source projects. TYPO3 should be part of it and we need your help to make it happen!

Every student needs a mentor for his project. The mentor should have reasonable technical understanding of the things he or she mentors but doesn't need to be an expert in it. 

It is more important that the mentor can lead the student through the process and connect the student to the community to find the expert advice needed to finish the goals set for the project.

So if you would be willing to spend some time with a student working on TYPO3 (you will probably set-up regular on-line meetings) and feel you are connected to the TYPO3 community, please contact us.

Additionally if you have ideas for student projects to improve TYPO3 CMS, Flow or Neos those are also very welcome. Please add your ideas to the wiki page here [2] or let us know.

Thanks for your help helping TYPO3 participate in GSoC 2013!

Cheers, +Christian Müller and +Tobias Liebig 

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After Roberts post ( about the paper voting and decisions for T3CON12DE there still seems need for some clarification.

Little disclaimer: The views in this post are my personal opinion and not necessarily shared by the TYPO3 Association, the organisation team of T3CON or anyone else. That said some more insight on the whole topic:

I totally agree that the voting process should be transparent and I personally have no problems to have the votes for my talks publicised (and if you read on you can actually see them) but I really believe that because we didn't announce we would publish voting results beforehand it wouldn't be fair to publish them now because maybe someone wouldn't have entered their talk if they had known before. So I fully support the decision to not publish the results for this year. And that is exactly the point as this was the first year with public voting there are things to learn and things to improve. For next year I would announce beforehand that all voting results would be disclosed and also add the possibility to (public) comment on talks and (hopefully) get feedback from the speakers during the voting process.

Now I will share some stats about this years voting without actually publishing the results in detail:

First there is a little flaw in the voting that I would change for next year which is that people could actually not give any vote to a paper so that the amount of votes on each paper differs. Because of that we only took the average (voting divided by amount of votes for the paper) into account. The average could range from 1.0 with all given votes +1 votes to -1.0 where all given votes would have been -1 votes.

Paper which most people voted on (not with most points) had 96 votes.
Paper with highest average +0.78
Paper with lowest average -0.32
Accepted paper with highest average +0.78
Accepted paper with lowest average 0.0 (an invited external speaker) next accepted had 0.14 average.
Actually from the highest ranking paper to about 0.24 almost all papers got accepted.
Those in the high rankings that didn't get accepted were not because we had several talks with similar topics and picked one or two of them and rejected the rest to have a broader range of topics.

Now my personal results:
Developing a TYPO3 Phoenix Website - 0.53 (accepted)
Phoenix Website Integration (Tutorial) - 0.37 (accepted)
FLOW3 Search integration with ElasticSearch - 0.19 (rejected)
This one got rejected because there were more interesting topics with a bit lower score and it would have been the third talk I would have been involved with which we found generally a rather bad idea.

To close this long explanation anyone who wants to know her scores can contact me from the email address she used for submitting the talk to get her votes (please include your email address) (males can ask too, just wanted to do something for gender equality ;) ). But please just ask if you really need to know because I do that in my spare time and looking up 50 talks takes time, same goes btw. for looking up all those stats and writing this post.
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You can of course also offer to sponsor the implementation of this feature.
At the beginning of this week, the T3CON12DE team went through all submitted papers, sorted out duplicates and discussed their relevance for the visitors of the conference. This year, a plenty of great talks have been submitted and the organizers spontaneously decided to do a community voting. That turned out to be a very helpful measure for accepting the most relevant talks and only in a few cases we gave priority to talks with less votes because we think that they are important to have at the conference (like a talk about for example).

We'd love to give speakers more feedback on why their talk was accepted or why not and we did send emails to a bunch of individual speakers already. But considering the amount of submissions, it's not possible to get in touch with each speaker individually.

We can't publish the complete list of vote result because we don't have the consent by all the speakers. However, in a future version of the conference app, we'd love to have a feature which displays the voting points and rank for the papers an individual speaker has submitted and would only be visible to the paper author.

Unfortunately we don't have the resources to implement that feature at the moment. However, if you'd like to help out and have experience with FLOW3 development, check out the T3CON12DE website ( and implement that feature for us.
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