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john pinkerman
Time for Sailing in South Texas.
Time for Sailing in South Texas.

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Waiting for repair on three sails to get them in tip top shape for another sailing season. Doing updates and upgrades nearly every day.

Sea Gal is underway after two months. We had a wonderful sail with Susan Gift, Janice and the crew. Nearly as good as it gets.

Our Fall racing season starts this Saturday. Come on by for several hours out into the Gulf of Mexico and back. Weather depending of course!

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Today getting updates from two sailing friends on the water. They had some serious adventures and they and their boats are doing ok in recovery mode.

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This is the car. It is alive with passion and constraint. You don't know what it is like to drive Porsche until you do. Keep the passion alive. If ever offered the opportunity for a ride or to drive, go for it!!!

The next event is a cruise up the Intercoastal to Arroyo City and a visit to the Wharf Restaurant. Interested parties respond.

Today Theresa and Dawn joined Sea Gal for a Time for Sailing experience. With mild winds and waves, we sailed the west Bay north of the Port Isabel High School and Highway 100. When you drive by, see the sailboats and think about what it would be like . . . you owe it to yourself to come on board Sea Gal with Time for Sailing. Take the helm if you wish and become a master of the sea, even briefly.

Lorie, David, Connie and Walter were guests on Sea Gal. You wouldn't believe how many dolphins we saw. They were coming up to our boat on all sides and flapping their tails. There were so many dolphins, that they were taking pictures of us!!!! The dolphins just like sail boats.
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