*Surface RT Unboxed photos*
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I'm sorry, but does this version of Office for RT look like you really want to use it on a touch-screen?! (judging from the tiny icons/controls...) I thought the whole point of Metro was to create large, touchable "tile" icons and controls, why not for Office? It certainly would seem like Microsoft could have done something much more radical for the RT version's UI elements...

We had a lot of previous discussion on the relative merits or lack thereof of the Surface RT over here (key problems center around price point, and usability of the "tweener" device, especially pertaining to the TouchCover and TypeCover keyboards)

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But the thread has now gone over 100 comments, so we'll continue on this one. Subscribe to this new post/thread as I'll be using it to curate all of the Surface RT launch related announcements and analysis in the coming days.

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