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Power Electrical Toronto : Home Wiring, Service Panel Upgrade, Code Correction
Power up your Project with Power Electrical
Power up your Project with Power Electrical

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At Power Electrical, we handle all types of electrician renovations and projects. From residential to commercial, we make sure the job is done right.

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Installing a chandelier adds a touch of elegance to your home. Homeowners think that it is as easy as installing a light bulb and crisscrossing a few wires. But, the reality is different. You have to consider several aspects to ensure that the chandelier becomes the center of attraction in the room.

A chandelier is one of the most elegant fixtures of our homes and offices. It adds a dramatic effect to the ambience of your home and attracts everyone’s attention to it. If you are considering a glamorous makeover for your home, a chandelier can be your best bet to make it beautiful.

Homeowners consider installing a chandelier as easy as installing a light bulb. But, the reality is different. A chandelier is much heavier than a standard light bulb. If not handled with care, it might get damaged or cause injury to someone. There are several important aspects to consider before installing a chandelier, such as:

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As you can see there are many different options for incorporating light into your landscape and we have skilled electricians that can safely and securely install all of these types to ensure you have the best lighting to showcase your yard or home. Tree lighting is not the easiest task, but our technicians are excellent climbers so give us a call and let’s schedule a consultation. No job is too big or small for Power Electrical so think of us first for all of your landscape lighting and exterior illumination needs!

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At Power Electrical, we can install fixtures that you have found and purchased on your own, or we can suggest some options and you can purchase the fixture and installation through us. Chandeliers and other light fixtures are not difficult to replace or wire, but depending on the weight, some of them will require more than just the support of a general electrical box and also an extra set of hands in the hanging process. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possibly, so if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. For this reason we take a lot of precautionary measure to make sure your old fixture is removed with care in the event that you want to relocate it or save it. Our process varies from home-to-home, but we try to remove the smallest amount of drywall possible and still make our fan brace sturdy enough to hold your chandelier. After one of our technicians installs your new chandelier, you will be hard pressed to tell that it had not always been there!

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You might be asking yourself, “How can I tell if I need an electrical service upgrade? Is my current amperage enough to power my home in the future?” These are valid questions and our customer service experts would be happy to explain everything you need to know about the current power supply you have and what you could expect from a power upgrade. Generally speaking, the difference between 100-200-400 amp electrical panels varies from home-to-home based on the size of the house and how many electrical components you utilize on a regular basis. As technology advances, there are more devices and hi-tech appliances that will draw more power supply. So, if you are remodeling or upgrading the lighting fixtures in your home, it might be a good idea to increase the amperage of your home’s electrical box. We specialize in this sort of upgrade at Power Electrical. We would be more than happy to send out a technician to assess your current power capabilities and help you with a power upgrade...

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One problem area that your electrician should be able to find quickly is the use of aluminum wiring throughout your home. There was a time during the 1970’s and 80’s when aluminum was an approved wiring option in homes. It was much cheaper than copper. As we forged ahead technologically, aluminum wiring became obsolete by 1990 and all electrical devices within the home on the electrical grid began to get replaced with copper rated ones. It is because copper is seen as a better conductor. And at Power Electrical, we use it in all of our electrical renovations and installations. The problem with the phase out of aluminum is that it does not “play” well with copper, which means there is an arcing hazard between the two metals when they meet at a connection point in your electrical system. The problem has the potential for creating a fire. Whenever you begin the process of remodeling your electrical devices, it is a good idea to call a licensed electrical contractor such as Power Electrical to review electrical wiring and provide some advice to keep your home safe...

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Adequate Experience of Replacing Knob and Tube Wiring
Residential rewiring of this type is not an easy task, but we like to think we’ve streamlined the process somewhat and our technicians are second to none. We consistently work with some of the largest residential builders in Canada and specialize in new builds. But, we never shy away from renovating an individual home or an office space. We excel at replacing the old knob and tube wiring method. The traditional method requires your home’s electrical connections to be routed through the wooden beams under your home or in the attic. To protect the wires, they are run through the beams inside of a ceramic knob. In the olden days, it was a solid technology that has proved its worth. The problem is that it can be difficult to patch the holes as you replace the wiring over time. At Power Electrical, we’ve been replacing this sort of wiring for over two decades. So, when we get to your home and identify the problem, we can hit the ground running...

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As you can see, we’ve been working on analyzing electrical systems and upgrading homes for safety concerns for a long time. Our quotes are reasonable and our courteous customer service staff will listen to your questions and offer solutions that benefit you. Our whole home assessments typically range from $600-1200 and our technicians will work around your schedule. At Power Electrical residential homes are at our core because our people are our core competency that separates us from other electrical contractors in the area. We take care of our employees and they in turn provide the highest possible level of customer service to our customers.

Speaking of our technicians, they can usually complete a professional and comprehensive whole home assessment of you electrical system in a couple of hours. When it comes to planned homes, we will generally setup a meeting to walkthrough your blueprints and assess what your expectations are. We can recommend the optimal location to add solar panels, additional lighting and also point out any deficiencies where you might benefit from additional outlets or an upgraded panel to increase your amperage...

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Take nothing for granted.

Today, homeowners take electricity for granted. With a flip of switch, you can turn on the lights, charge electrical appliances and heat food in the microwave. It is very simple and convenient. But, remember that a lot of effort goes into making electricity available to you. And, it is imperative that you ensure safe usage of electricity. A safe electrical system is necessary for every home. It becomes all the more important for old homes because it contains old wires and outdated technology.

Have you purchased an old home recently? Have you inherited an old property lately? If you wish to live in an old home, you will have to consider an electrical renovation project. It will enable you to upgrade the electrical system of your home and make it safe as well as energy-efficient.

Whenever you consider the possibility of an electrical renovation project, do not forget to think about safety. If you do not ensure safe installation of electrical wires and equipment, you will violate the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) publishes the technical document every three years. It governs all kinds of electrical wiring projects as well as electrical installation projects in homes and commercial properties...

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A faulty wire is nothing but fire waiting to happen.

A properly installed electrical system can give you years of service. But, at the same time, one damaged wiring can lead to minor outbreaks, damages, inconveniences, or even major fires causing loss to life and property. Thankfully, such dangers of electricity can be minimized with circuit breakers and insulation. Still, when problems arise, it requires a good professional to address them properly. Hence, hiring an electrician is important because he ensures a shock-free home and protects your family from electrical problems.

But, before you hire an electrician, there are a few points to think which would make things easy for both – you as well as the electrician.

1. Survey

Before you begin, get a rough idea of what work you would want the electrician to do in your home. If you have a new home, do not forget to make a list of probable places that require plug points. If you are remodeling the home, then jot down the points which have been causing trouble lately. Investigate the areas of the home where major repairing work is required.

2. Get the Quotes

Do not approach just one electrician for the work. Get bids from a handful of good electricians and compare the services. It will help you in getting a rough estimate of the cost of the electrical renovation. It will also prevent the chance of spending money on unexpected expenditure. Make sure that there is minimum time-gap between getting the estimate and beginning the work. It is because it might lead to sudden price changes and spoil your planning.

3. Choosing the Right Electrician

Before you decide the final person, check his work, knowledge and experience in the field. Make sure he has a proper license and insurance. He must carry a proper insurance coverage to protect himself in case of accidents. A licensed electrician also has good rating and reviews of his work. Check on trusted internet sites for any complaints against him...
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