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Peter Knyte
Indie author and publisher based in Leeds, West Yorkhsire UK.
Indie author and publisher based in Leeds, West Yorkhsire UK.

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Popped down to Stoke-on-Trent a couple of weeks ago to visit my family for a few days, and while I was down there I paid a visit to the rather fabulous Biddulph Grange Gardens.

The gardens have been owned and restored by the National Trust for the past several years and are now getting back to their wonderful high Victorian best. Entrance is £9. if you're not a member, but to they're well worth it.

Here are a few pics:
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A few pics of Whitby in the surprisingly sunny and warm weather.
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Walking in the great outdoors.
Growing up on the edge of the Staffordshire moorlands walking the natural world became part of life from a very early age, though perversely while I enjoy the moors, its woodland that has always been my favourite environment.

Most recently, I managed to get out for stroll around Tong and Fulneck on unexpectedly pleasant day a couple of weeks ago. Very muddy underfoot in places with all the rain we've had of late, but warm enough to walk without a coat for the entire three hour route.
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I'm fairly new to writing and publishing, my first novel was only published in December, but while I feel like I'm getting a good handle on most things, pricing is something I just keep going round in circles on,
I'm going to be publishing my second novel next month, so need to figure this issue out.
Anyone got any insight either as a writer or reader of novels?
It's the ebook pricing in particular that I'm struggling with as the pricing on paperbacks seems fairly standard.

I think it's time to give up on my old Facebook account.

I've never been a huge fan of FB because of the all the privacy issues and the frankly ludicrous idea that FB should decide which updates to give based on some arcane algorithm rather than just letting you see what your friends are posting, but there's always been the simple fact that the majority of folks have FB accounts rather than anything else, so its just been easier to go with flow even if it means I have to keep my posting down to a minimum.

Well, the naming police have finally caught up with on FB, and despite the fact that I use a nickname by which i'm commonly known by all my friends FB now not only want me to change but they want to harvest a load more data from me in the form of Government IDs into the bargain . . . and that from an organisation that has never been that good at respecting peoples privacy, well it's a step too far.

So, time to give Google+ a serious go.
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Well the order has been placed and within just a few days i'll have a printed review copy of my first novel: The Flames of Time, in my hands.
It's a bit of a milestone, which for a long time seemed a very long way off. But it's now almost here, professionally printed, with cover art, bio, credits, copyright info, isbn, even a barcode on the back.

Of course it's then straight back to the grindstone to check it for errors, dispatch a few copies to reviewers and in general start getting on with promoting it. But for a bit it will be nice to just hold it in my hands.
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Well things are going quite well with the prep for publishing my first novel. Have almost completed the final edit, just 4 chapters remaining. Have also almost completed the front cover design, and the logo design for my publishing house. Have also started to sound out some bloggers and literary societies for reviews and got my first acceptance.

Still plenty to do, inc the layout of both the epub and paperback versions, all the copyright info, ISBN and barcode registration, and more of the advance marketing, but i'm hoping to have the first authors review copies printed off to a professional quality sometime in Sept.

This is a relatively soft deadline, but if i can hit it, then formally publishing in time for Xmas might just be possible.

Just need a few more hours in the day to get it all done.
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Ok, after stumbling across a couple of people at work, who it turns out have recently published first novels as Kindle ebooks, I've decided it's time I did something with my own first novel.

I finished writing it 4 years ago, then spent a year editing and polishing, before sending it off to agent after agent. But after several months without success, and a new house to renovate, doing anything with the novel had to be abandoned for a while.

Fast forward a couple of years, with roof fixed, a few walls remastered, architraves replaced, and assorted other jobs sorted (though still plenty more to go) and I'm finally feeling like I might have the time to start working on my writing again.

I've dabbled with a new novel in the last couple of years, but struggled to get more than a dozen new chapters written, so it's going to take a while to get back into the swing of things. As a starter for ten I'm going to have to:
- have a complete read through and review.
- design a front cover
- try and get some good reviews from other novelists or review sites.
- try and drum up some pre release interest

That's more than enough for now . . . Need to just get on with it.
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