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Just a quick note (PLEASE READ) – if you post an article here that has already been shared recently, especially multiple times, OR if you post an image or video (even space-related) with no content, description, or attribution, it will be removed.

Please refer to the Community Policy at left for more information. Thank you.

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I'm not sure what I've done wrong here . I do love the science of space and the people with the knowledge of this particular studies are the upmost respected by myself. I'm very sorry I disrespected the rules and you sir.
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Jason Major

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It's officially a new year and thus time for a new calendar. And if you love space, these are the calendars you're looking for:
If you just looked at your calendar and realized you're literally out of days (Happy New Year!) then it's way past time to get yourself a new one. And if you love space, these are the ones you'll w...
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Jason Major

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Five years after its failed attempt Japan's Akatsuki spacecraft will get a second chance to orbit Venus next Monday. Go #Akatsuki!
A Japanese spacecraft, which failed to make it into Venus orbit in 2010, is making a return trip to the planet after being stuck in solar orbit and engineers are hopeful it will complete its mission.
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Jason Major

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Ever hear that "the Moon is made of green cheese?" Of course you have; now find out where that came from. 
So this isn't about a scientific discovery by any means, but I did do a little bit of online research to discern the origin of the old expression that the Moon is "made of green cheese." We've all ...
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Thats just night vision
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Jason Major

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No reason to be scared of the close pass by asteroid/comet 2015 TB145 this Halloween (but it should serve as a friendly reminder of what's "out there"...) 
#2015TB145   #asteroids   #halloween  
Yes, it's true: a rather not-so-tiny near-Earth asteroid 2015 TB145 will make a relatively close pass by our dear planet Earth on October 31, aka Halloween — the day when certain beliefs profess th...
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Jason quando vc vai lançar a versao 0.14.0
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Jason Major

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Icy Enceladus Shines in Latest Images from Cassini
The raw image data from E-20 has just arrived on Earth today and I particularly liked the one here. Crescent-lit by the Sun, Enceladus’ night side is seen bathed in the dimmer glow of reflected light off Saturn and its rings. Dead-center is the 6.5-mile-wide crater Bahman, surrounded by a wrinkly field of cracks and troughs in the moon’s highly-reflective icy surface. #NASA   #Saturn   #Cassini  
Read more:
On Wednesday, Oct. 14 2015, Cassini performed its scheduled "E-20" close pass of Enceladus, a 320-mile-wide moon of Saturn that is now famous for the organics-laden ice geysers that fire from crack...
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+jeremy Gonzales .....not quite!
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Jason Major

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Did you go see The Martian this weekend? If you did (and even if you didn't) here's my review. (Slight spoilers for those who may not have read the book!) 

Saw it? What did you think?
If you're a space fan and you've decided to hold off seeing The Martian on opening weekend until you know what to expect, I totally understand — I very rarely see films on opening weekends myself (...
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+Bunyip Bonsai I think Andy Weir overlooked that part in the book. I agree, given what we know now, the soil  would need to be cleaned of the perchlorides and salts first. But that's apparently fairly easy to do via distillation.

The other miss that Weir did was the possibility of ice under the soil (maybe). 
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Jason Major

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The world lost another Moonwalker: Apollo 14 astronaut Ed Mitchell passed away Thursday night at the age of 85.
Godspeed, sir.
The world has lost one of its special treasures: retired Navy captain and former NASA astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, LM pilot for Apollo 14 and one of the 12 men who walked on the Moon, died on the e...
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+Wayne Heron Actually, (nearly) everyone in the world agrees that they did land on the Moon, so your statement should be "The World is full of shit".
The more accurate statement though would be "people who claim to have proof that human beings did not go to the Moon, are full of shit".
But this is not a community for discussing conspiracy theories, pseudoscience or other lunacy, so if you want to claim that humans did not land of the Moon, go somewhere else. 
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Jason Major

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After five years cruising around the Sun, JAXA's #Akatsuki spacecraft has successfully entered orbit around Venus! Congrats Akatsuki!
After some tense moments tonight at JAXA HQ, it has been determined that the spacecraft Akatsuki has performed the necessary thruster burn to establish orbit around Venus! Congratulations Akatsuki ...
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Interestingly +Jason Major 
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Jason Major

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No reason to be scared of the close pass by asteroid/comet 2015 TB145 this Halloween (but it should serve as a friendly reminder of what's "out there"...) 
#asteroid   #halloween   #space  
Yes, it's true: a rather not-so-tiny near-Earth asteroid 2015 TB145 will make a relatively close pass by our dear planet Earth on October 31, aka Halloween — the day when certain beliefs profess th...
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Tommoro is the 27th how can you tell us now instead of the news. Because parents don't go on Google+
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Jason Major

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This four-minute supercut of Star Wars footage wins the internet today! 
If you're as excited about Star Wars: The Force Awakens as I am (and apparently plenty of others — tickets for the film have already sold out two months before it opens) then you'll love this: a ne...
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Jason Major

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Surprise: Ceres' strange bright spots are probably made of salt!
#NASA   #Dawn  
So now that NASA's Dawn spacecraft has been in orbit around Ceres for seven months, has the nature of its strange bright spots finally been determined? Are they brilliantly reflective deposits of w...
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I think we need to put a really big laser in space that we can hit Ceres from here and get some spectrum data off those spots for, you know, science. We might want it to be able to turn around and hit Earth based targets too... for, you know, calibration and the like....
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