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Jason Major

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Looks like Curiosity took some pictures of the moon last week... Mars' moon Phobos, that is! Very cool.
Do you love to look up at the Moon? Well so does NASA's Curiosity rover! Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong (I have not confirmed this) but this appears to be an image of Phobos, the larger of Ma...
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Jason Major

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If you're a global warming denier and you've been riding the "no warming since 1998" horse, NOAA just shot it out from under you.
"Our new analysis suggests that the apparent hiatus may have been largely the result of limitations in past datasets, and that the rate of warming over the first 15 years of this century has, in fact, been as fast or faster than that seen over the last half of the 20th century."
– Thomas R. Karl, L.H.D., Director, NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information
Read more:
#climatechange   #NOAA   #sciencenews  
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+LL Pete I'm sure he's carefully reviewing the findings before releasing a statement. 
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Jason Major

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So what are your thoughts on this proposed "Planet Earth" flag? (Hint: I don't like it.)
There was a bit of a press frenzy last week surrounding the idea of a global flag that could be used in instances of human exploration off our planet, where international collaboration could be cel...
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I like it, what's wrong with showing unity?
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Jason Major

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Meanwhile on Mars: here's a view from Curiosity into Marias Pass, hopefully a safer exploration route than Logan Pass! 
Read more: #Mars   #NASA   #space  
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+James Garry Checked out the link you provided,thank-Q. Uh,....WAY over my head but given time I will explore it. I'm more of the guy that would go like a bat outta hell on Mars in a wheeled vehicle because I'm that crazy. Someone will do it a long time from now; be cool to see that.
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Jason Major

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Osprey taking to the air along the lower Pawtuxet River in Cranston, RI this morning. #birds   #birds4all   #naturephotography   #animallovers  
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Wow..!1! Nature is just beatifuLL
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Jason Major

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Fact: Baltimore Orioles got their name because their plumage has the same colors as the crest of Lord Baltimore 
#birds   #birdphotography   #birds4all   #naturephotography  
It's been a busy week so I haven't had much opportunity to get out bird hunting, but I did grab a few photos yesterday morning of some Baltimore Orioles that have arrived in town early last month. ...
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Birds are so lucky can enjoy all the world bueity
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Jason Major

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Are you ready for PLUTO? With just over two weeks to go before the first-ever (and I repeat: EVER!) visit to #Pluto  and its family of moons the excitement has really ramped up exponentially, especially considering the increasingly detailed views of Pluto and Charon that the spacecraft has been capturing on approach. No longer just a couple of bright pixels against a background of stars, the two worlds now show actual detail that can be easily discerned. In other words, things are getting REAL! Read more about the upcoming flyby here:
New Horizons sure is! With just over two weeks to go before the first-ever (and I repeat: EVER!) visit to Pluto and its family of moons the excitement has really ramped up exponentially, especially...
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Yes I been waiting for nine years.
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Jason Major

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How bright is it during daytime on Pluto? Find out below, and learn when it's  #PlutoTime  where you live! 
#pluto   #NewHorizons   #NASA  
We all know that Pluto is very far from the Sun, on average about 40 times as far away from it as Earth is, and as such it is very cold and dark. But just how dark is it on Pluto? If you were an as...
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Because once They have that.....muah ha haaaah. New World Order. 
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Jason Major

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Here's a new color-composite of Saturn's moon Hyperion, made from raw images acquired by Cassini on May 31, 2015 during its latest and last flyby of this world. Read more here:
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A surface sculpted by vigorous if not violent sublimation, a captured comet perhaps.
Space pumice.
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Jason Major

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It may be "common" but it's my first photo of one: a Common Yellowthroat, a warbler that you may not have heard of but have probably heard!
#birds   #birds4all   #birdsgallery   #naturephotography   #animals   #warbler   #birding  
Often heard around wetlands and sources of water in forests (trust me, you've heard this before!) the Common Yellowthroat is a stocky little warbler with beautiful markings – when you can catch a g...
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Stop acting like a red birds
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Jason Major

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Fact: The Eastern Phoebe became the first banded bird in North America when John James Audubon attached silvered thread to one’s leg in 1804. (Source: Cornell Lab for Ornithology)
Here's an Eastern Phoebe I spotted during a walk on May 18.
#birds4all   #birds   #naturephotography   #animals   #birding   #Audubon   #wildlife   #birdloversworldwide   #rhodeisland   #birdsgallery   #birdlovers  
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