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Kind of took the challenge.  I am with Time Warner.  I had Cable / Phone / Internet package.  I work from home, so I could not risk having internet and phone disconnected - so I could not play the "I want to cancel everything" card.  I called and told them I wanted to cancel the Cable portion of my package because I watched most TV online.  I was told that because of the package deal that I had, I would end up spending more on just internet and phone than I would by keeping all three and just downgrading my cable.  I ended up dropping from Digital cable to a basic package and turned in my 2 digital cable boxes and shaved $50 off my bill.  The best part... By downgrading, I did lose some channels that my kids watched (BBC, Teen Nick, etc...), but I still have access to all of those channels (in HD) with the TWC app on my Computer, iPad, Roku and Xbox.  So basically, I am paying less, but by using those devices with the TWC app as my new "cable box", I have not lost anything.
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