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Lucille Ossai
MSc; BA. Communications Advisor & Blogger
MSc; BA. Communications Advisor & Blogger

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Know what makes working mothers tick. #Career. #Meritocracy. #Flexibility.

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An Open Letter To Management - From Working Mothers
Management , We
did not suddenly lose vital brain cells when we became mothers.   Nor,
upon resumption from our maternity leaves, did we become delicate porcelain
pieces easily broken at the vaguest suggestion of a critique.   Moreover,
prior to taking...

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This is one of the most valuable posts you'd ever come across on writing business emails and formal letters.

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How To Write The Most Compelling Content Of Your Career
" If you
hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint', then by all means paint and
that voice will be silenced ." - Vincent Van Gogh.   Self-doubt.   Our
battle with this colossal monster is unrelenting.   In
our professional lives, we have doubted our ab...

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Despite the stress, disappointments and failures, there is one moment in your professional journey that made everything worth it. In this discussion forum, you’re given full rein to share your proudest career moment and to highlight the lessons learned.

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Discussion Forum #5 - What Has Been Your Proudest Career Moment?
We’ve all been there… Often boggled down by unreasonable deadlines, non-existent support
from bosses, sadistic colleagues who gleefully plot our falls from grace, and stressful
work cultures, we’ve (silently) threatened to quit. Or we’ve daydreamed about le...

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Become a more effective communicator at work.

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Conciseness - How Effective A Communicator Are You?
"Wow. I'm really looking forward to that long speech/presentation/report!" Said no one. Ever. No
one is going to complain that your speech, presentation, email or any kind of
communication is short, if it's concise   i.e. if it's brief but comprehensive, or...

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Catch up on all your insightful articles on management and communications from the fifth year of the Rethinking Business Communications Blog...for free.

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Five Years Of Insightful Blogging...In Memorable Quotes (PART 2)
continue…Welcome back to the two-part series celebrating this blog's fifth anniversary.      7) “ Value is
addictive: the more you get, the more you want ”.  Post:   Addressing The
Allure Of Value In The Organisation.   Date:   October 2016.   URL: ht...
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