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Tyler Rock
Weird, super nerdy, awkward, hyper, immature, stubborn, grammar nazi, and a gamer most of all :)
Weird, super nerdy, awkward, hyper, immature, stubborn, grammar nazi, and a gamer most of all :)

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I have been running a Weebly blog on my FE fangame concepts, and now I have put it on Blogger! So, if you're into Fire Emblem and new ideas, supports, and story work, look no further :) Make sure to give me critique so I can create better writing and continue to show readers my passion for the FE series! The blogger link is below, and the Weebly link is right here:
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Hooray for trash summon. Probably not getting 20 more orbs until the Tempest Trial banner is over, FTP is failing me, but I still refuse to pay. Now I have 3 Merrics.

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Okay, so I have to make a decision on summoning. I finally have 20 orbs and I really love Sonya, but I also love Tana. I pulled stupid Soren on the Tempest banner and it reset my percentage, so should I keep trying for Sonya or go for Tana?
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Okay, so I'm trying to figure out something to do with Clive, and I wondered if he would do okay with a Firesweep Lance. My Roderick has a speed bane, so I might use him for SI, and Clive could be fun to mess with. Maybe...
Weapon: Firesweep Lance
Support: Rally Def/Res
Special: Bonfire or Ignis, or Dragon Fang
A: Def+3 or Spd+3 (because his speed is crap, and he could avoid a few doubles with 3 more speed, but his defense would be nice even higher)
B: Hit and Run
C: Threaten Defense or Drive Defense 2
I wish that seal skills didn't take the B-slot, because Firesweep, Hit and Run, and Seal Defense would be hilarious, but alas...
What are your thoughts on Clive sets? I know he isn't Camus, but then again, I don't have Camus, so that fact really doesn't interest me.

So, I pulled a 4 star Roderick... with a speed bane and an attack boon -_- The attack boon is nice, but Roderick won't be able to Firesweep double. Should I just give the Firesweep to someone else along with Drive Defense? Or should I try a hit and run Firesweep build involving getting and SI from Clive the garbage can?

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So, I made Anna my 5* a while ago, even though Cherche won the poll, because her nature wasn't very good. I am now almost to 20,000 feathers again, and I am trying to decide who to promote to 5* next. These are the units I am considering. I also have a picture of all of my current 5* units. Keep in mind I cannot give units + weapons with SI, because I am not willing to sacrifice any 5* units, so if a unit performs better with a weapon they can't have without SI, I can't get it for them, unless I mention they already have the weapon.
Frederick +Atk/-Spd (Has a Brave Axe, but I can't get a Brave Axe+)
Cordelia +Attack/-Def
Tharja +Res/-HP
Jeorge +Speed/-Defense (I have a regular brave bow available)
Sharena +None/-None
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Hey, is 5* Jeorge (+Spd/-Def)any good with Parthia instead of a Brave Bow? Or is Clarisse better at 5*?

This community is awfully quiet, so I'm going to dump my gym leader/Elite 4 ideas.
Noah-Bug Type: Noah is awkward and uncomfortable in his own skin, his older brother Ian has all the confidence, but Noah's demeanor changes completely around his girlfriend Johanna.  He only become a gym leader to meet Johanna at the gym leaders' summit, but has remained a gym leader after he developed a passion for battling.

Madeline-Dark Type: Madeline has a knack for scaring people. Her manner of speech is creepy and slow, and her gym is like a labyrinth of hallways and stairs.

Kailey-Fire Type: Kailey has lost her passion for battle, similar to Volkner from DP, she is bored of the same drab fight over and over.

Gabby-Fighting Type: Gabby loves Pokemon battles, but she is fiercely competitive, and does not take losing  well. She remains completely offensive in battle, hoping to scrape by in the most desperate situations with sheer force.

Johanna-Steel Type: Reassuring and kind, but stubborn, Johanna has trouble keeping to herself, willing to talk about the most personal and private information with almost anyone who will listen. She loves Pokemon with high defense, as well as defensive battle strategies.

Matt-Grass Type: Naive and easily impressed, Matthew won’t take no for an answer, and is prone to breaking down and complaining when things aren’t going his way. He likes crippling enemy Pokemon with statuses to defeat the enemy without just strict damage.

Hayley-Water Type: Easy-going and chill, Hayley loves sailing and being outside. She refuses to say no to anyone, and her nephew, Matt, takes advantage of that. Hayley will accept all sorts of strategy, and thinks even with a hodgepodge of a team, you can win with determination on your side.

Kyle-Flying Type: Soft-spoken and a little dry, Kyle travels frequently to learn about other cultures, but hopes that eventually, he can stay longer in these countries instead of quickly returning to his gym. His son, Damien, he hopes will become the new gym leader in his stead.

Elite 4

Chris-Dragon Type: Stoic as a stone, Chris is known for being a man of few words. The bond between his dragons and himself is powerful despite the little communication.

Rezzameen-Electric Type: Bitter, sarcastic, and grudge-holding, Rezzameen is an unpleasant character. She has faith in herself, not her Pokemon, so they are prone to disobey her outside of battle; however, in battle, they know better than to interfere with her strategies.

Myndy-Ice Type: An airhead through and through, Myndy adores cute Pokemon and gets excited by everything. Her personality melts in the heat and she becomes unreliable and pessimistic; in tight spots, Myndy has a 50/50 chance of pulling through.

Ian-Fairy Type: Confident and flamboyant, Ian strongly contrasts his brother. He has little doubt in his abilities, but is not used to failure, and will call foul when there isn’t anything foul about to justify said failures.

Champion(s)- A double battle, Tyler and Lylah

Tyler: Theatrical and explosive, Tyler has confidence problems, but to hide them, he will be as larger-than-life as possible. His Pokemon are trained to be offensively-focused, but they will shift strategic roles quickly and without warning.

Lylah: A Pokemon enthusiast beyond description, Lylah guards her Pokemon with defensive strategies that also support her brother’s Pokemon. The champion’s seat has made her a little cocky.

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So after the worst summon I've ever had in this game (abomination pictured below, thank you Celica's Army), I've given up on pulling a better green unit. I have several 4* green units, and enough feathers to make them 5*. When I did a poll like this last time, Eliwood was the requested 5*, but recently, I summoned a 5* Luke and a 5* Lucina, so reds are no longer an issue for me. These are the greens I have and could 5*:
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Cecilia (Neutral)
Cherche (+Spd/-Def)
Frederick (+Atk/-Spd)
A 3* Anna
Boey (+Atk/-Def)
Cecilia (Neutral)
Cherche (+Spd/-Def)
Frederick (+Atk/-Spd)
A 3* Anna

Hey, anyone got any suggestions for beating Lunatic Berkut? I've got the following trained units:
5*-Linde, Mae, Olwen, Maria, Y Tiki, Ninian
4*-Stahl, Nowi, Gunter, Cecilia, Jakob, Kagero, Wrys, Hana, Shanna
I almost have nothing in the Gamepress strategies, no Nino, no Ursula, no Eldigan, no orbs, no Grand Hero Battle Characters (except for Clarisse) and I don't draw many 5*, so I don't have exotic there any hope ;(
And if not, who should I train? I have the following untrained units:
4*- Gordin, Cain, Clarisse, Olivia, Laslow, F Corrin (with an attack bane, yuck), Subaki, Boey, Merric (with a defense bane, also yuck), Cherche, Frederick, Tobin, Jeorge, Beruka
If there's no way, that's fine, I did Hard mode with Fortified manakete, but Nowi gets destroyed by Water Boost 5* Berkut in Lunatic, so what should I do, or can I not do anything?
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