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Hi! I tripped over a Tweet and fell into here. I'm a musician, sound guy, husband and dad. I helped assemble Keith Richards' snooker table once

I love the community of ideas over at BB. This, too, should be a nice place. 

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"...Generation X is tired of your sense of entitlement. Generation X also graduated during a recession. It had even shittier jobs, and actually had to pay for its own music. (At least, when music mattered most to it.) Generation X is used to being fucked over. It lost its meager savings in the dot-com bust. Then came George Bush, and 9/11, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Generation X bore the brunt of all that. And then came the housing crisis.Generation X wasn't surprised. Generation X kind of expected it."

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I love old theatres, even if they're disused or abandoned.
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