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A Cloudy Moon
Sometimes my hunt for a picture of a full moon is "sabotaged" by mother nature's clouds. But at a recent full moon, the clouds just added a flare to my image. The shadow of the tree(s) added a great mood.

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Oslo Operahouse
If you're on a trip to Oslo with your camera, a stop at the Operahouse is surely a must. Depending on the weather and time of day, there is a lot of angles and reflections to explore. You should be able to create stunning images in both black and white or c...

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Backup Skype For Business V4_2
There hasn't been a need for many updates to this tool, as it seems to be working just fine on most installations. It was however time to release v4.2 with a few corrections and additions, and here are the highlights of this release: New features: Selective...

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Oslo Barcode
Standing at the pier of Sørengkaia, you can get a great view of Oslo Barcode and the Oslo Operahouse. Once the area has been completed with the new museum and library, this will become an even better photo-spot.

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I think he was staring at me...
Much the same way I was staring at him (if it was a he). I think this represents a lucky shot, where lighting and timing was just right and the seagull was pretty used to humans.

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European Skype for Business User Group Event
I am
really excited to share some details about the upcoming Skype for Business user
group event. A set of national user groups across Europe has decided to join
forces and host a coordinated user group event on April the 6th. The event
will be hosted in di...

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Get-AssignedLineURI v4_0 available for download
Get-AssignedLineURI is still one of my more popular scripts, it has reached 5000 downloads by now. This new release has a new switch which can be used to gather and compare information from AD, thanks to Hany Elkady for the request and examples. I find this...

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The moon
I never tire of looking at the moon. This past full moon was a beautiful one. As the weatherforecast for the actual timing of the perfect full moon was a bit gloomy, I decided to take this one at about 98-99%

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At Dunnathor Castle
Dunnathor Castle is one of many castles and ruins worth visiting. The view is breathtaking and walking around I find myself wondering what it must have been like here. Dunnathor Castle is a short bus ride south of Aberdeen

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Edinburgh part 2
Edinburgh is full of great photo opportunities. I really must return another time.
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