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Anand Kushwaha
GAP Qualified 95%
GAP Qualified 95%


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Google share the future of Adwords
Google has just revealed their future plans for AdWords in a
video livestream. Some of these changes are big, meaning they are also
(probably) important. Before we go on though, I must ask you a crucial question:
what does Google think is the key to getting...

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Stepping into the future together
Our two most important goals for AdWords are to make ads
more relevant and useful for users, and more effective and simple to manage for
advertisers. That's why I was so excited to announce enhanced campaigns this
past February. With enhanced campaigns, we'...

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How to create Brand value with right content in Digital World ?
All real and worthwhile concepts, these words – perhaps
because of their relative newness – tend to be used as blanket terms that
describe a laundry list of things. For example, “content marketing” is often
used interchangeably with “social media.” Here are...

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Introduction My name is Anand Kumar have been actively involved in SEO and Internet marketing since 2005. My knowledge and experience have made me one of the most respected and referenced SEO's in the industry and my passion for innovation and growth has ma...
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