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aka Texrat, making tech accessible since the Jurassic


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The Microsoft Tech Affiliate Apportunity sweepstakes offers you monthly cash prizes for developing Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps.  Now during the month of May, 3 lucky entrants will also receive free passes to the upcoming BUILD 2013 conference!

If you're in North Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska  Wyoming or South Dakota, enter here:

Windows Phone Code & Critique meetup
May 25 3:00 PM to whenever

If you have no plans for Memorial Day weekend, join us at Tom Thumb in Arlington at Cooper and Green Oaks Blvd South and do a little Windows Phone development!  We'll solo code, collaborate and critique each other's work.  Nokia Developer will provide a lunch and/or drink for all attendees up to 15.  I will also be doing graphics work for anyone who needs it.  I might also do a giveaway.

This venue seats ~20 and offers fast, free wifi along with several power outlets.  A Tom Thumb Rewards account may be required for wifi access, but I should be able to log you in or we can create our own hotspot.


See you there!

Tom Thumb
5425 S. Cooper 
Arlington, TX 76017
Store Phone: (817) 419-2460

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Greetings developers and tech enthusiasts,

If you’re coding for Windows 8 or Windows Phone, Microsoft is throwing easy money at you.  Take advantage of the offer at while it lasts—and if you haven’t yet signed up for Nokia’s, make sure to do so!  Nokia has made it easier than ever to earn XP, with points awarded for app updates, quizzes and even responses to site notifications!  See me if you have any questions or concerns.

Don’t forget the Microsoft app Sweepstakes, another easy way to earn cash for your apps!

For the DFW WP community, we’re getting closer to holding code and review meetups.  More details in an upcoming email for local members.  And note the DFW hackathon planned for June:

Later all!

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Added photos to Fort Worth Makerspace March Maker Madness.
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hello developer/maker/designer/whatever communities, here's what I've been up to lately (& what's coming):

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Game Jammers

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