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by Abhinav Mankar
by Abhinav Mankar

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good one from google.. visit yet?

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for #joinindaily hosted by +Johnny Wills
today's theme: what's around bend

..bees on the honeycomb

Sorry guys. I know I am not active much these days. Actually, have exam schedule this month. Study time!!! I will be more than active after two weeks. Meanwhile missing all the beautiful minds. Will keep on visiting for little refreshment ....have fun guys and please don't forget me ;).. I will be there soon..

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for #joinindaily hosted by +Johnny Wills
today's theme, cats

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You think you have love.. then distribute it among lovely creatures.. #quenchTheThirst

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#wordPrompt for #petrichor

Take taste of your favourite dish
Mix it with your childish wish
Feel yourself at topmost peak
Imagine to be strong where you are weak
Your winning inning in all your play
And are known to dragon slay
You have magician’s typical hat
And are accompanied with the cutest cat
Have this all and you have lion’s roar
Still… this can't beat the petrichor
I think only love will succeed
But they are friends for each other to feed
*©Abhinav Mankar


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#WordPrompt #susurrus
Pin drop silence
And full of susurrus
Eyes speak lot more
©Abhinav Mankar

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Beautiful mind's review are important for me
Added two more creations this April..
Do visit... And comment your honest response.....waiting

#WordsPrompt for #cloying
thanks for invite +maricris cabrera

Today that time came
It will come was a fact
My days of preparation
Still I didn't get the tact

I know I wasted time
But it was my compulsion
And now she enquired me for other guy
And my inner thoughts get propulsion

She is the special friend
And I can't lie her
Guy was really good
Crossing him I don't want to try her

But in my honest view
They don't share the love
No, I was not being villain
But actually it was strong infatuation dove

I know where it is leading
Their mental compatibility is not well
She will loose her complete significance
And it will be her hell

I suggest her to try break not break-up
As I don't mind them going miles
I am just concerned for her well being
I am just concerned for her smiles

One phone ring in this morning

made me the cloying learner
See, fear to loose her
Results into loosing her
©Abhinav Mankar 080417

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