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Been meaning to recommend this awesome product. Most people only need the free version but the full version is as powerful as Adobe and a heck of a lot cheaper and easier to use:

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Don’t Be A Jerk
most important thing I do is make you look good."   Yes.  I have
the audacity t o not only put that on my LinkedIN profile but on every
cover letter I send out.  I mean it.  On
Facebook and other social networking sites, the posts abound about how much...

I was invited to become a regular blogger on LinkedIN, this is my first post.

Don’t Be A Jerk

"The most important thing I do is make you look good."  Yes.  I have the audacity to not only put that on my LinkedIN profile but on every cover letter I send out.  I mean it.  
On Facebook and other social networking sites, the posts abound about how much so many of us hate our jobs.  I find it disconcerting.  If I owned the business and seen a negative post about my company or our clients or customers, even from the person lowest on the totem pole, I would find the reason I needed to terminate them.  Our first career objective should be to make our business appear to be the best no matter where we are at in the company directory.  We are all salespeople for our company, whether we make a commission or not.  In the economic times we live in, no employer can afford to retain negative people.
These are the hard and fast rules of a true professional:
1. You work for the best company there is for the excellent product or service created.
2. Your clients and customers are the highest quality people in the world.
3. You are honored to be involved with both.
I realize its difficult after a hard day’s work, dealing with problems caused by co-workers lacking professional skills or unreasonable clients.  The truth is the customer is not always right and sometimes the workload is just impossible, but it isn’t our place to blast these troubles out to the world. If its solvable, fix it.  If you need help, ask. For all other issues just “deal with it”.  We don’t get perfect lives or perfect jobs.  If you are that unhappy you should be looking elsewhere anyway.  Even then, there is no excuse to publicly criticize any company you work for. They hired you and you work for them.  Where’s your loyalty (and your gratitude)? 
A wise person once said “When you point your finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you.”  Believe it.  The first question that pops into my head when someone I barely know starts making negative comments to me verbally or publicly on social networks about their job or customers is “Then why does he/she work there?” The answers are not good.  Maybe she is unable to master the privacy settings on her mouth or internet.  Maybe he speaks negatively about his friends and relatives too. More likely is she is more motivated by money than success, he is too lazy to look for a more suitable position, or she is resistant to change.  I always wonder what he says behind my back.  The truth is that he/she is being a total jerk.   Yes, A. TOTAL. JERK.   
Don’t be a jerk.  

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Lately my contract jobs have included a lot of virus/malware removal and repair.  I’ve also had to recover files deleted by a malicious hacker at one very busy office.  Usually these situations are avoidable with standard virus/malware software and a VERY STRONG PASSWORD SYSTEM.  
Employers and employees (if they are allowed to create their own passwords) need to take a systematic approach to creating a strong password to prevent catastrophic loss to your company.  This is my system.
1. Choose 2 short words or even a short sentence that means something to the user. (Let’s use “hot” and “dog”… I happen to love hotdogs and its Summertime as I write this.)
2. Select 1 repeated vowel to replace with a number, or for more security, 2 non repeated vowels to replace with 2 different numbers. (Keeping it simple, we will replace the letter “o” with the number zero.)
3. Chose an accepted punctuation mark, or more for added security, generally I use it 3 times in creation. (Still in the simple theme, we will use a period).
4. Capitalize either the middle or the ending consonants. (A hacker’s first assumption is that the first letter will be capitalized.)
5. Put it all together in a unique way, but stick to a single pattern to easily remember your new password. (Piece of cake right? Why do I suddenly feel hungry?)
Four examples of my password results would be “h0T…d0G”, “…h0Td0G”, “.h0T.d0G.” ,or “h0Td0G…”.  The secret is simply to create a pattern that doesn’t appear to be a pattern to hackers.  This method offers enough variables to make your computer passwords secure in an insecure world.  Its even safe to use your children’s or pet’s name using this system...but I probably wouldn't recommend it.

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You can walk with anyone during the day so long as you can sleep with yourself at night.
 “If you say there is no such thing as morality
in absolute terms, then child abuse is not evil, it just may not happen to be
your thing.”   ―   Rebecca
Manley Pippert “You wear your honor like a
suit of armor, Stark. You think it keeps you safe, but all it...
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