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Some of you may know that I've been working on an Android public transit app at a crazy pace for the last several months. I'm extremely excited to be at the point where it's ready for public beta testing!

If you take public transit and are willing to beta test, please sign up on our list and I will invite you to the beta either today or tomorrow. If you don't take public transit but know people who do, please pass this on to them--and thank you!

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Today's Google Doodle is the loveliest of all Google Doodles.

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I totally get around to things in a timely manner, I don't know what you're talking about.

My new (well, new to me) headphones are amazing, and I'm nowhere near an audiophile.

Trying to program in C++ 7-ish years after last programming in C is a little like walking around my parents' house in the dark--I theoretically know where everything is, but there's an imminent danger of knocking something over regardless.

Oh no, Android 4.3 replaces Talk with Hangouts with no way to revert! Oh my god. I'm really regretting this update right now. FML. 

Goddammit, Google.

Ermahgerd, just got the Android 4.3 OTA! Exciting!

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Bought a birthday cake for my brother yesterday and put it in the fridge at work. Had to seriously fight the urge to write "dead dove, do not eat" on it. 

Anyone else notice that Google got rid of the silly Zagat ratings? Or is this old news?

Played Fez for about an hour last night as a reward to self for being otherwise productive for most of the day. It was pretty awesome! I didn't know what it was going in, so I was just expecting a plain ole platformer. The "perspective changing" is a pretty unique mechanic in the genre, and the game is unexpectedly humorous as well. Highly recommend it thus far (even if I think I'm going to get totally sick of trying to solve some of the puzzles).
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