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I don't see AMC in the list so no Walking Dead for fans. Is the line-up bigger than what is in the picture because other than CBS, this is a kind of small list of channels compared to Sony Playstation Vue and others. The only thing missing on the competition is CBS and we all know CBS is working with more providers so lets hope there is a much bigger line-up.

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Another great article by +Stephen Long

Content Delivery Networks are great but providing Local Fallback is a must.

Stephen walks you through the process of downloading and hosting Google Fonts Locally.
#blogged: Hosting #Google fonts Locally #webdevelopment #css

Earlier today I was playing around with Google’s Font API. I wanted to pull down OpenSans to host locally, but Google’s Font API is geared more toward utilizing Google’s hosting resources. Starting with OpenSans, though, you can download the fonts, it…

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Has Google+ been closed down?

Just checking. It's all over the news that Google+ is dead.

Premature... again I presume :-)

Photo Credit: +TechCrunch who really doesn't like Google+ for some reason.
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I've got to clear out room in the old Guitar Collection to make room for something new. Wife's orders :-)

But seriously folks, I moved on from Guitar Shredding years ago and tend to play more Blues on my Telecasters and Stratocasters these days.

It's time this old girl moved on to where she can get some action.

Wanna play?

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Ibanez RG-570
21 Photos - View album

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Here's a good one for those of us trying to belt out those Blues without angering the neighbors... or the wife :-)

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How To Get Good Blues Lead Guitar Tone With Small Amp.

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Excellent Object Oriented Programming eBook to add to your Library.

JavaScript with Classes by +Diogo Schneider 

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Here's one for those of you wanting to dive into Node.js

Are you using it today? If so, what kind of wizardry are you doing with Node? :-)

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You've invested a lot of time into XAML and .NET so how do you use this knowledge to create iPhone and Android Apps?

Say what?!?

Yes, those Mono Monkeys at +Xamarin have that covered too.

+Wallace McClure walks you through using XAML with Xamarin.Forms to build your Mobile Apps.

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The Great Mobile Payments Debate

Apple pays the carriers quite handsomely to allow Apple Pay which directly competes with Softcard which is fully backed by all the carriers. Google Wallet is a direct competitor for Apple Pay and has quite a leg up in terms of time as it has been out for much longer but the Carriers don't support it and typically disable it on Android Devices. Samsung on the other hand bought LoopPay to go head to head with Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Softcard.

Now, Google has bought Softcard with the blessing of all the Carriers, how much chance does Samsung have with their LoopPay acquisition?

Will Samsung pay off the Carriers to help ensure LoopPay's success or will Samsung leave their users in the dust as Google and Apple reign supreme in Mobile Payments?

What about CurrentC the archaic Mobile Payments solution many of the biggest Retailers (such as Walmart) support? Its technology is way behind Google Wallet, Softcard, LoopPay or Apple Pay. Will Google's acquisition of Softcard help put the last nails in that coffin?

Personally I don't see much of a future for LoopPay with Google's acquisition of Softcard and when you stack up Google and Apple's Mobile Payment Platforms against LoopPay and CurrentC it is easy to see who will be soon forgotten.

What are your thoughts? Should Samsung admit defeat and toe the line with Google knowing that they will finally have a viable solution to ride on or should they pull ahead full force with very little hope and a lot of blind determination?

What about CurrentC? Should the retailers sober up and realize they have been drinking some really bad Kool-Aid and just accept the fact that they are too little too late?

What are your thoughts? Is the Mobile Currency area becoming too crowded? Does LoopPay or CurrentC even have a chance to win over consumers?

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+Wallace McClure sits down with +Jonathan Pryor +Stephen Long and yours truly to take a look at the new features available with Android 5 Lollipop and to discuss support available from +Xamarin 

Source: Visual Studio Magazine

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