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fb 轉layout 轉到火到黎埋, +Fergus Chan , 今次我地終於 等到呢1日!!!!
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You seems so excited :) Well if FB want to go her so call intelligent way to force users without hearing their opinion, they are helping G+. I think these 2 months will be critical to G+'s success or failure. Let's see
Sure I am excited! U know wt, being ignored don't feel good with it. Well, I will try to help google+ more, like only upload photos in here. Force other to come and set up account. 
Like what I did in the past XD. Well everything is still unknown if people dislike Facebook's final new look which will comes out in these few weeks.
Be honest, I don't think G+ will not make a big interface change in future. It's hard to prevent. ahh. Technological world only serve people who like changes.
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