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... is working on an island.
... is working on an island.
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Show & Tell - [Sundays 2200, UTC]
- Claim up to 2300m² Land of the Metaverse -

Bring your own creations, finished jobs or work in progress.
Tell us about it and get feedback at the 'Show & Tell' region [on the OSGrid].

Here are the rules for Show & Tell [The Metaverse]

Up to eight participants show their creations, work they did or a project they were involved in, and tell us about it. Projects do not need necessarily to be finished already, it can be work in progress too. The audience is allowed to ask questions. All attendees are eligible to vote - you can vote for none or up to the amount of submissions.

Participants of The Show & Tell competition can claim land at our region.

If you are 1st or 2nd at one of our Show & Tell events, you are entitled to claim up to 2300 m² land - for a period of 6 months. To extend your land ownership you have to - participate - at one of the Show & Tell events again. You do not need to pay a lease.

Have fun and share!

How can I get there?

1.) Download, install and run the viewer.
2.) Select 'OSGrid' and create an account/Avatar via the viewer Log in and search via the Map for 'Show & Tell'.
2. a) Create an account at one of the 'Hypergrid' enabled Grids and hop into the OSGrid.
2. b) Install an OpenSim instance locally and hop via Hypergrid into the OSGrid.

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"Arbeiten werden die Menschen auch in Zukunft. Aber sie werden es vielleicht nicht mehr für Geld tun, und sie werden es vielleicht nicht mehr für eine Firma tun und sie werden es nicht mehr in einem Angestelltenverhältnis tun."
“Es gibt einige richtig nette Politiker, mit denen rede ich über diese Dinge, und ich rede mit denen ganz konkret, und je länger wir reden, umso mehr fangen die an, mir zu erzählen, welche winzig kleinen, aber hartnäckigen Probleme sie Tag für Tag davon abhalten, überhaupt irgendetwas verändern zu können.“
+Demographie-& Socialmedia-Beratung​

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The Avatar Pantomime Show! is designed to be held once a week, for a duration of 30 Minutes - run by a host.
Max. Participants: 30
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"Smartphone-shaped gun ..."

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