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father, scientist, hacker
father, scientist, hacker

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Reminder: in a week (May 28+29) I will be teaching kids 8-12 my "serious programming for kids" course. Since it's a long travel weekend we still have a couple of spots available in the class.

Pass the word around; flyer available on web site.

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I will be teaching new courses on "serious programming for kids":
* May 28/29 (10 hours in one weekend!)
* June 11/12 (10 hours in one weekend!)

And the scientific programming course will be taught on
* June 17/18 (4 hours total, spread out on Thu/Fri evenings)
* June 30/July 1 (4 hours total, spread out on Thu/Fri evenings)

There is an updated flyer on the web site which you can post, and I have also added a first draft of the "instructor's manual" book I have written for the scientific programming course.

You can find all this on the web site at

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I will be teaching my "serious programming for kids" course again this year during spring break (March 28-April 1, 2016) and at some later dates as well.  For kids who have already taken the course I also have a "scientific computing"course.

Info is at:

I have written an extensive teacher's manual for the course; you can find it at
where you will also find the flyer (yes, you can hang it up in your kid's school!).

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Nice explanation and display of gravitational wave detection.

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note that they covered it as if it were a "direct knockout" and this was the final, but it was actually a round robin tournament; congratulations to Asher for his result!

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for people who wonder if the story of Alice's Restaurant is historical...

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don't forget the theme song of the day as you do your cooking and hanging out with loved ones; this is an interesting twist in which Arlo points out that in 2005 Farm Aid was only half the aid of the massacre; +Benjamin Galassi +C. Plesko +David Palmer 

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Any favorite theories?  The article does not give David Griffiths as an example of upper-class textbooks which are well written.  I'm trying to remember the last time I read a truly clear Griffiths-style article in a physics or computer science journal and I'm drawing a blank.

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I went to see this lecture and found it extremely interesting.
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