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Wayne Conrad

Got my VCDX Desktop panel date- March 19th in Staines, UK. I'm putting together some mocks this weekend or next. Reach out if you think you're qualified and would enjoy sitting in on a panel.

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Put this on Twitter a while back but forgot to link it here. vCenter 6.5 appliances have an expiring root password that's going to break on Feb 2nd, which means and redeploy isn't going to work, which can trash the backup and restore process if you're not doing it at a VM level.

Post has attachment Suggest registering for the new VCAP6 design exams in beta when they're $100, that's not too much more than it would cost to buy books to study with!

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VCDX workshop! VCDX Sean Howard assisted by Jason Shiplett. Jonathan Copland, former President of San Antonio VMUG is here.

The VCDX Workshop will be Monday from 1-5PM in meeting room 5 at the convention center.

The vBeers page for next Thursday's mixer went live. I'm an idiot for not doing it sooner.

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Two weeks to the Randstad Technologies sponsored vBeers! Sign up on the events page and PLEASE thank our sponsor for hosting such an excellent event at their offices for us. Bring your resume for them to look at, I think they'll even provide feedback to help you polish it.

OK everyone, as discussed in the meeting today I'm going to tell Randstadt Technologies yes to a mixer at their offices in Frisco. You'll need to bring a resume. If it sucks, don't worry, they'll help you edit it. Is Tuesday or Thursday best for everyone? I assume Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are usually bad nights- is that accurate?
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