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Michael Burt
A Garden designer and landscaper, movie lover, amateur photographer & all round good egg.
A Garden designer and landscaper, movie lover, amateur photographer & all round good egg.


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Our Vialii Garden Design review of the year...

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Vote for Bob...

#RSPB #voteforbob #squirrels

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I shared this on FB the other evening and I've since learned that it has gotten at least one undecided voter to change to a Yes vote. That's a success in my book so I'm sharing the post here too.

Why I'm voting yes

Things are getting real now people. In less than one month, yes ONE MONTH, the people of Scotland will make one of the most important decisions of a generation.

When the prospect of a referendum was first mooted I was pretty quickly in the Yes camp. My initial thoughts were 'that sounds like a great idea, let's give that a go'. I look back on those thoughts and I acknowledge that it was not the most informed of stances to take. What I did after that though, and what I've done for the last 18 months, was immerse myself in all that I could pertaining to the referendum. 
I've discussed with friends & colleagues, read article after article, listened to debate after debate, and attended public meetings. (I would like to note at this point that I genuinely would have liked to have attended a Better Together meeting to get their vision for Scotland going forward whilst remaining in the UK but I've never seen one advertised in my area). It may be no surprise to learn that my position hasn't changed, I'll still be voting Yes on September 18th. The difference now is my decision is no longer a whim. What I've read, what I've heard, what I've learned has served to consolidate and solidify my early choice.

Here are some of my reasons. They're in no particular order...

The NHS - I don't think anybody fully appreciates what it would be like if we no longer had access to free universal healthcare. As I write this I'm in the waiting room of the minor injuries unit at Stirling and all I've had to do is give my name & address. I've been charged nothing, signed no insurance form and yet, soon, some excellent people are going to advise me on my badly sprained ankle. Who would want to mess with that? Oh yes, our friends in Westminster. The NHS in England & Wales is being systematically sold off to private companies and I do not regard our current devolved powers as being sufficient to protect the NHS in Scotland.

Nuclear weapons - I welcome the removal of weapons of mass destruction from our shores. Simple as that.

Accountable Government - we rarely get the government we vote for. The Scottish Government is more representative and accountable than Westminster would ever be and our system would mean it would be easier to enact change.

Fairness - We currently live in a deeply unfair country. The gap between the rich and the poor widens daily and it's a disgrace that so many children in Scotland live in poverty. My family and I are fortunate. We have a nice house and a successful business. It would be easy to stop at that. It would be easy to say "we're doing alright for ourselves, why rock the boat". This isn't just about us though. I believe that an independent Scotland will be a fairer nation for all its citizens and that's why I'll be voting yes next month.

There are many other reasons why I want independence for Scotland but perhaps the greatest of all would be the potential opportunities that would be open to us. I love this paragraph from a National Collective article I read recently.

"Independence isn’t full of facts and certainties. It’s full of opportunity, right up to the fucking brim. Frankly, it’s overflowing" 

Anyway, that's about it for now. It turns out I've got a severely sprained ankle.

Are you Yes yet?

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We have these echinops plants dotted around the garden and we like them a lot. They are just coming into bloom and they are absolutely hooching with bees. Even in the early hours of the rising sun the bees are going at them...

#nature   #bees   #plants   #echinops   #wallacemonument  

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Did you know that the largest courgette ever recorded was over 1.76m long! Bonkers!
This week it's all about the courgette. From funny facts to yummy recipes I have it all. Hugs & kisses, Lulu xx #growyourown  #courgettes  

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Gaza Gas
I don't want to comment on the horrific loss of life currently taking place in the Gaza strip. I, like most people who doesn't live there, am continually baffled by this brutal conflict.
However a bit of information came before my eyes this morning that I didn't know about. 1.4 trillion cubic feet of gas in the Gaza controlled strip of the mediterranean.
Oh, who would be interested in that?

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My daughter takes her first selfie...

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Some Western states and Kiev rushed to find Russian involvement in the MH17 crash having no evidence to back their claims, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister told RT. He invited Ukraine to answer 10 questions to prove their commitment to an impartial probe.
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