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decide already! [the misery of ‘yes, but…’]
Before starting to practice medicine 16 years ago I was
required to take a medical ethics course. Within that course I took an oath – more
commonly echoed by the media than within the medical community – yet
foundational for the practice & art of medicine. ...

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Cruise Follow-up "The Child Could Have Sailed"
I spoke with a representative from Carnival Cruise Lines today. Here's how it went... -They apologized repeatedly. It was sincere and I thanked them. -They offered a 'replacement cruise' which we respectfully declined for a number of reasons, not the least ...

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bon voyage
HAWWWWNNNGK. One of the saddest noises we’d heard in a while. We watched
from our minivan in disbelief as Carnival Glory - the big ship according to
our 3-year old - slowly glided away. We’d been talking about it, planning for it, eagerly
awaiting this cr...
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