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Stephen Fennell
Geek,poet,writer,brother, son, uncle and husband.
Geek,poet,writer,brother, son, uncle and husband.
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My latest blog post all about my life here in Wisconsin. This edition, the Packers.

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Geekrant vs the Pack.
Geekranters! Welcome
to another jam-packed edition of my ever popular blog, (at least I
hope its popular, that really helps with the old self esteem thing
you know) which finds me today slightly demoralised but undefeated
and hopeful. When
I was ...

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Geekrant vs The New Year Retrospective
2017 is on the horizon and here I sit at ten minutes past ten at
night in the living room of our apartment here in Madison, Wisconsin
and I must admit that I am reflective. It
has been some months since my last contribution to the pages of this
blog, a h...

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I havent written a poetry in a while, this is my is my latest piece. Its not meant to be a comment on anyone in particular, just asking the question "do we replace human ideas for truths of our faith?". I invite feedback.

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Welcome to the UnConventional. The Internet and The Primary Season.
of the strange things about moving here at the time I did rather say,
ten or more years ago, is just what the advent of social media has
done to the size of our world. Now,
I should make the point that I obviously have no problem with the
internet or so...

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Baseball, Brats and British Ex-pats
wasn't until Neil asked where the Away fans end was, that I
remembered just how different American sports and their supporters
are to the British way of thinking. If its true that you can tell a
lot about a nation and a culture through the sports they ch...

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My latest blog. A little bit longer than the rest have been hope you enjoy it. Please comment and give feedback.

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Independence Day : Bluegills and Freedom
the not too distant past, as in within the last month, a man who
never really expected to achieve his goal in the first time of asking
stood and like a proud Olympic gold medalist made a bold triumphant
statement, his name was Nigel Farage, the leader of...

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My latest blog about life in America. Please read, comment, share, enjoy.

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Geekrant vs the Cafe and the Baseball Mall
to everyone who thinks these humble musings of mine are worth
reading, much thanks. I hope my latest blog is worthy of your
readership. As
I adjust to life in America, I find that much of the United States is
governed by the tension between two d...
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