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Sanck Sellmoney
Lightworker, organiser of lots of things, sister, pain in the butt :)
Lightworker, organiser of lots of things, sister, pain in the butt :)
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"What have you made so vital, valuable and real about the order of joyful stupidity that keeps you from being the chaos that would change stupidity into intelligence and humor?"

run it world, run it!! :)

#pocandpodallthat #theclearingstatement

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"You can use the tools of Access to make this reality work for you. The thing about Access is, all of these tools will work, but it’s a terrible thing – you actually have to USE THEM!" - Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness

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check the video!

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can I brag a little... first time I did this and it worked. ha! :D
See? Now You Know How To Whistle With Your Fingers

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what creation are u using to create lack of money, u are choosing?

d best vprašanje <3 ne si ga postavlat, če nočš odgovora :P

#access #consciousness #liveinthequestion #accessconsciousness #money 

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this, this, this is superb!!!! omg kok se topim zraven tega komada... tok dobr, da že boli <3

new g+ sucks. ne objavlja postov, vse neki šteka... so šli 3 korake nazaj.. :p

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omg I'm gonna cry cause this is soooo beatiful and raw <3
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