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+Rose Hanville-Briggs You have cool anime eyes. I approve.

+Jane Bound Aww, I thought your name was Jane Bond. I was so excited cos it sounds like James Bond.

+Debbie Smith I am expanding my G+ social circle. You are lucky number whatever-number-you-are. And you aren't Irish, so you arent lucky either. Point is, you're now friends with me, lucky you. (Oh you are lucky in the end)

So who are the iPad users? I want to get to know my new family.

I am now on iMessage (yes, I bought an iPad), you can add me on

Thats also my G+ chat, coincidentally. 

Black American comedy has taught me, as a white guy, to like mayonnaise.

So I bought a new iPad from the Apple Store (sealed and boxed) and opened it to find out there was no Lightning cable in the box. How did you manage that Apple?

I am in an extremely good mood today. +1 if you want me to share some of it with you.

Hey kids. Be social. 
Don't be lame on Google+

Get involved. If you think "He isn't talking about me" then you will be pleased to know, yes, I am talking about you. Specifically.

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Hey all. Have a look at the new Facebook group to allow you to connect on google+ with new and exciting people.
Get involved.
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