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Goal setting for EDU
Pretty freaky how this wrist-band thing is working. For the April BRM , I hit my pacing goal right-on, arriving 8 seconds early for my 4 hr 15 minute goal. For the Highlander 1/2  I nailed my goal of 1 hr 35 minutes  four seconds early. I tried it again for...

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Grey versus deglo while bike commuting
Car passing by with about 15-18 inches of space Grey versus deglo. Being seen and being given more room as a
bicycle commuter is important, and I am convinced wearing a deglo shirt, deglo helmet,
and blinking lights makes a difference. While not a truly sci...

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Are we living in an active, healthy town?
Virginia Town & City, April 2017 My Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon  default * is to notice anything with a bicycle, bike icon, or other related bicycle-related component on it. This week I spotted a copy of the April 2017 Virginia Town & City magazine at work, a...

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Highlander Half Marathon Plan B - facing the facts
Plan B was me facing the facts , as Trevor recently discussed in his blog post after his Boston Marathon, run after welcoming their firstborn son a few months ago, and adjusting training and running. To me part of his point was well-taken: sometimes inspira...

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Hybrid commuting
Riding the wrong way against traffic not recommended but it gets the job done I am lucky. Most days I have the luxury of
commuting to work by bicycle. I live just the other side of a 1 mile downhill,
so after a short assent, I get to zoom on downhill to spe...

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Lighting Improved at BT Stop at University City Kroger
UCB/Glade Sbnd #1314, 2/27/17 Lighting has been improved at the Blacksburg Transit Stop on University City Blvd. near Glade Road and the University City Kroger. Electricity now is running underground from the Kroger sign to the bus shelter.  Kroger is provi...

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Pacing Blue Ridge Marathon
1993 S.F. Marathon, my 1st It was only 5 days
after my inquiry April 2 about serving as "pacer" for the Blue RidgeMarathon that I received my confirmation for the April 22 race. I was to join a
team of runners with Beast Pacing for the 4:15 pace. That is, I...

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Regional Bikeshare Program - Town of Blacksburg posts RFP Friday, March 3, 2017
It was 4:32 on a Friday afternoon. I received the email from the Town's Purchasing Manager that the Regional Bikeshare Program Request for Proposals (RFP) was "on the street." See

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Blacksburg seeking grant to start bike share program for new river valley
Twas very exciting to hear this was coming and then to see it today in the Roanoke Times. I believe the initial interview with Director Tom Fox was held Wednesday, February 22, 2017 in the late afternoon. Apparently the RT reporter Yann Ranaivo also talked ...
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