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Thanks to +Michael Seneschal for organizing a fine #bostonstpaddyday photowalk! It was the first time that +Madeleine Ball and I have been to the parade even though we've been living in Boston for over six years. Nice to see everyone again!
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+Chris Ball if you tag #bostonstpaddyday in the description it will consolidate you photo's with the rest taken today to be viewed all on 1 page. Great shots the more I see the more I wished I went :(
I can't comment on the pics :(

2 Great shots of +John Correa....and I loved a couple others too!!! (and he's actually smiling in one :D )
Thanks! You should be able to comment on pics.. wonder if I need to do anything to turn it on.
+LaDonna Pride Yep, and I have "Who can comment on your public posts: Anyone" set. Maybe just a temporary bug or something.
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