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The SPOT ( I bought for the boat is really cool. You can view our fishing trip here from Saturday. Also, you can view more details here: Pretty cool geek device if I do say so myself.
Trip report, photos, GPS tracks, and map of Fishing Ship Island July 30th EveryTrail trip. Download to your mobile device using the EveryTrail app. We took the boat to Ship Island on Saturday and fis...
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Interesting. Do you have to manually press the OK button (or something) to drop a marker?
You press the OK button manually when you want to check in. You press the track button and then every 10 minutes it marks your position until you stop it.
Hmm, when I look at the map the "I'm OK" beacon is pretty far away from your GPS track... like at the east end of the Ship Island group of islands even though your trip seems to have been mostly on the west end.
The OK spot is correct, that is where I turned it on and checked in "I'm OK". I didn't turn on tracking until we got to the west end of ship island.
Oh, ok. I thought the track on the map represented your entire trip.
No I didn't turn it on until we got out to where we were going, the ramp was just way too busy when launching the boat to really get it out and play with it. So I waited until we got to where we were going and then turned it on, checked in (so wife would know we made it) and then later I turned on tracking. Next time I'll just turn it on, check in OK, and then start tracking, that'll give a full route of the fishing trip.
It seems to indicate that at one point you crossed the island in your boat. :) Low sampling rate (did you go around it)?
+Mark Noble Ever see Knight Rider? Keith's boat has a Turbo Boost button installed.
+Mark Noble the tracking updates every 10 minutes so obviously it isn't going to be 100% accurate, and it doesn't need to be, that would run the battery down
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