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Dear YouTube,

You're a wonderful creation. You provided top-notch hosting service for high resolution, large size video files, free of charge, for any users with a Google account. You then streamed the videos for practically anyone with an internet access on multiple platforms and didn't ask for a single cent in return. And you started doing all this in an age when storage space and bandwidth were several times more expensive than they are now.

You still do all those things wonderfully. I can't imagine a life without you. Which is why when you introduced in-video advertisements, I never really objected. It was a small token of appreciation from me for the greatest video hosting service on the planet.

However, despite all your expertise in video processing and having the backing of some (if not most) of the most talented developers on earth, you have, for a very long time, failed to realise the importance of volume control of video advertisements (AKA "replay gain"). It is very damaging to the ears to turn the volume up to watch a video with low audio volume, and suddenly be greeted by a loud advertisement. And boy, are the advertisements getting louder by the day. I am utterly disappointed by this, because you have shown that you are capable of achieving amazing things, achievements that are way more technically challenging, such as close-captioning and live-event streaming, and yet you failed to implement this simple trick.

And so, I have decided not to ever see a Youtube video advertisement again and installed ABP on my Firefox. This actually goes against my principle. I am an avid programmer, and I understand the importance of rewarding the hard work put in by the people behind a service. I wouldn't mind clicking the "Skip Ad" button once in a while, or even watching the ads, to help you maintain and improve your service. But these advertisements have to go, especially when my hearing is at stake.

Maybe one day, when your video advertisements are done right, I will reconsider the place of ABP on my browser. Until then, I am terribly sorry for this decision.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your big fan

I'm outraged that nobody accepts ingenious passwords like backspace backspace delete delete alt ctrl delete.

I'm gonna do a complete rewrite of Siri. And I'm gonna name it JARVIS. # Iron Man 3

Funny how reading and replying emails is never included in any job description but always takes up the most time in any position.

You know you've been programming too much when you end your sentences in semicolons instead of full stops;

You know what's unusual? Dozens of spam mail and no mention about enlargement of any parts of the human body at all.

Lesson of the day. Jeans pockets are good places to hang a camera tripod.

As long as your pants aren't too loose.

"How do butterflies taste?" "Sweet?" "No, you idiot, with their feet!"

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BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, B2G, and now this. Thanks for making the process of getting a new phone that much harder.

I'm still alive? That's... disappointingly undramatic.
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