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Check out my brother-in-law's first attempt at stand-up comedy.

I think he did pretty well. I'll pass along any comments that you have for him.
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+Rob Brown I think he did an excellent job! Please tell him he made me laugh out loud many times especially with his "move to the water" comment. Very good.
His stand-up isn't bad. The parts about his childhood with the lazy eye, and the sponsorship jokes were the best parts of this clip! And to be honest, it takes a brave person to speak in front of large crowds and try to make people laugh. I wish him luck in this journey.
Punch line on the drug addict observation is: "I can't get to the gym, he's smoking crack and gets more Likes on his Facebook profile pic change." Or something similar.

Pace less. He doesn't seem to be playing Nervous Guy, but his physicality is Nervous Guy. So, pace a little, then take a stand. Work from the eyes and use the body to punctuate.

Lose the hat and rely less on untucked/black clothing. Screams, "I'm overweight, but I can't face that and hope that you're ignoring it." His jokes are about being odd and out of shape, so let people see the eyes, the face, the bod, and expand the color pallet. Odd is good, if it makes others laugh.

He can do this. He has a good instincts.
Enjoyable, and better than many a "pro" I've seen on TV.

He was looking down a bit much. Speak to the crowd all the time, otherwise people think you're trying to remember the n.ext joke (even if it's true, they don't have to know.
Pretty good :D had a few good laughs for sure... Certainly comparable to most I see on TV.
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