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My name is Rebecca. I love kittens and glitter and ballet and sparkly dresses and Taylor Swift.
Hi, I'm Rebecca.

I want to be a country pop star, model, and author. I am currently working on my singing and playing instruments, and I am already an avid reader and I am working on a book. My favorite books are the Harry Potter books, and my favorite movies are Titanic and the Harry Potter movies, my favorite TV shows are Switched At Birth (I love that show!), Destination Truth, Cities of the Underworld (whenever it rarely comes on), and What Not To Wear. I am home schooled (I have been my entire life; I've never gone to any other kind of school!), and I'm also a dancer who is currently working on improving ballet and modern (if you think ballet is for babies, think again. I bet anything anyone who's said that has never been in a Pointe shoe). I'm a Libra, which I guess is supposed to mean I'm docile and don't like fights. I have all the qualities of a Libra. Well, except for the not liking of being a slave to fashion. I'm just naturally that. My favorite singers are Taylor Swift (my idol!) Carrie Underwood, Florence + the Machine, and Lady Gaga. I also have two cats who are incredibly cute and love to cuddle (whenever THEY pretty much feel like it). I'm incredibly over-talkative and an over-planner for parties and holidays (I'm already envisioning stuff a year early), and my favorite holiday is Christmas because it's just so magical. You get to look at the pretty lights and decorate trees and sing Christmas carols. And it's cold, too. I like cold, snowy Christmases. It just adds to the appeal of sitting inside staring at the Christmas tree (which gives a warm glow to everything). My favorite season is Autumn because I can string up garlands of faux Autumn leaves (which you can get at Micheal's), drink hot chocolate again, and wear sweaters. I love astronomy and looking up at the stars at night no matter what season it is. I have this really cool app on my iPad 2 that is called Star Walk and it allows me to see the constellations and stuff electronically (so now I can identify a bunch of constellations in the sky). My favorite colors are pink, turquoise, green, and seaglass and I love kittens and glitter. I also love my curly hair! It's actually more wavy/curly, but whatever. And I'm also a brunette, which I'm proud of. It means I can wear whatever color I want. Okay, this is incredibly long. Well.. like I said; over-talkative!! This is my page, and thanks for looking at it (and taking however long it took you to read this whole thing).

Bragging rights
I'm on Poine in ballet. I'm proud of that no matter how much it hurts.
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Scarlett, Fleur, Juliet, Fae, Astoria (my alter egos)