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Libertarian International Organization
Libertarian International Organization (LIO) - News from LIO Communities & Fans for Fans. LIO Groups are in every country. Join Us!
Libertarian International Organization (LIO) - News from LIO Communities & Fans for Fans. LIO Groups are in every country. Join Us!

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Check out, share with world activists at LIO Friends facebook:

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Costa Rica
Comunicado de Prensa Presidencia PML – 25 OCTUBRE 2015 ¡Compañeros Libertarios: Hoy más que nunca necesitamos la fuerza de la libertad y de nuestras convicciones para salir adelante! No bajemos los brazos, arriba el espíritu libertario, este accidente del q...

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Canada Lib channel!
Subscribe to the Canadian Libertarian Channel for all things relating to liberty.

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#Libermeowlians are of all nations and races.
Peace is better than war

Beauties to peak at peace

Animals teach peace

We're still fighting



lovely pictures



Beautiful pictures


Amazing shots affectionate snow leopards
Beautiful snow leopard pair love of
family - even in the animal kingdom!
It includes four feline species in the genus Panthera : the lion (Panthera leo), tiger (Panthera tigris), leopard (Panthera pardus) and the jaguar (Panthera onca). The members of this genus are the only ones able to roar, and this is considered as a feature of the big cats.
All cats are carnivores efficient predators. Its range includes the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Only Oceania and Antarctica have native species of cats or cats.
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Apartment Prepping is becoming a thing. Has many tools of interest.
Welcome to the Apartment Prepper community.
The first question I must answer is why did I start this community?  I live in a condo so that I can spend more time outdoors and enjoying life rather than working all day just to pay for the home I live in. I have encountered many experiences unique to living in an apartment and having a prepper mentality. 

What is a prepper mentality? In summary being prepared for situations beyond your control. Can you be prepared for anything? Kind of, let me explain. You can lessen the impact the event has on you but this does not mean you will be able to move forward as if nothing happened. 

I read a lot about prepping, I practice what I read but it doesn't always translate well in an apartment. I have come up with many adaptions and modifications to meet my needs and would like to share as well as learn from others.

So my second reason for this community. I plan to write a book on apartment style prepping to sell to other like minded preppers. What does this mean to you? I may use entries or ideas on this community to write my book. Will you get paid for what you contribute? No, but I will site it in the back of the book. If you don't want to share another community may be for you but posting in this community may result in your ideas being placed in the book.

I hope you join, learn new skills, and share your ideas with me.

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Intriguing info. Prep your household.
In which I distinguish between the two very different rule of threes people talk about!

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LIO Fellow remembered.
Alex Chafuen: Homenaje a Leonard Liggio | Foro Latinoamericano de la Libertad ‪#‎ForoLibertad16‬

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Interesting discussion. Libs have been pointing this out for years. Paging logic courses.
Mounting evidence suggests that most scientific findings are false, which not only means that everything you think you know about science is probably untrue, but also that as much as 85% — or $200 billion — of resources are being wasted every year. In our February issue, we take a close look at what’s driving this crisis of confidence in the scientific method and how we can fix the system.

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