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Saint Laurent Rangers Boots
I have been obsessing over these boots ever since I saw them on Saint Laurent's website. I think these shoes are absolutely breathtaking. They can make any basic outfit become edgy. They are probably my fave shoes at the moment. Below are some outfits i wou...

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Monthly Favorites : August ☮
       This month I have watched many shows/movies & read many books. I will start doing this every month and a yearly favorites in December.         My favorite show this month would most definitely have to be Archer. I have watched all the episodes season...

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Last Day in Oregon ☮
More like Seattle but whatever am I right? Well anyways I went to Seattle and got a city pass and went on all the attractions and it was absolutely and time i will never forget. We drove by Mount Rainier on the way there during the super moon After we got t...

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Day 3 , 4 & 5 in Oregon ☮
 On the third day we went to  Clatsop County in Oregon to celebrate the fourth of july. We went on this trip 3 days and it was so fun! On the first day we went to Canon Beach and swam and just hung out. My friend and I tried to be Ariel from the Little Merm...

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Day 2 in Oregon ☮
On day two we went to the Japanese Gardens in Portland. This was so beautiful and felt so authentic it was truly a great time. 

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Day 1 in Oregon ☮
 In June and July I went to Oregon to see my best friend. Not only that but I also meet to foreign exchange students from Germany and Spain that I am now friends with. On the first day I was able to go to Voodoo Donuts in which i got the Maple Blazer Blunt ...

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Social ♥
1.Shots- Similar to Instagram 2.Pintrest- Find diy things 3.WhatsApp- Freeish texting app 4.We Heart It- For finding pictures 5.Polyvore- Create outfits 6.Faceboock- Social Media Site 7.Hulu Plus- Used to watch current tv shows 8.allwomenstalk-Advise 9.Ask....

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Music Apps ♥
1.8tracks- SImilar to Pandora but more of a personal/more specific choices 2.Bands in Town- See who is playing near you 3.Pandora- Make own stations  4.Shazam - To find the name of a song if you do not know it

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Apps For School ♥
1.PowerSchool- Used to check grades , attendants , and class fees 2.Notes- Write important notes down 3.Coursera-Free classes 4.Remind- Teachers send a notification about what is due 5.QRReader- To take notes 6.Duolingo- Language 7.Socrative- Used for quick...

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Photography Apps ♥
Im going to start a series of what apps I use on my phone so to start here are the apps I use to either post my photos or edit them. 1.Instagram-Social Media for sharing photos 2.Picsart- Photo Editor 3.Over-Used to add text to photos 4.ABM-To add doodles o...
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