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Justyn Howard
Sprout Social, Inc. CEO
Sprout Social, Inc. CEO

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Can anyone tell me how to adjust who shows up in my default stream without removing people altogether?

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Hi everyone - hoping to get your help. Sprout Social has been added to the Google Analytics app store and needs some reviews to get it kicked off.

If you use Sprout Social, I'd really appreciate a review here

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I have no idea what the etiquette is for sharing videos on here, but this one made me smile/laugh. Asian boys dancing to Hey Ya (and a little singing)

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Eight Chicago Startups You Need to Know About (TheNextWeb)

So, I get G+ invites and shares at my work address (not the same as this one), is there a way to merge like LinkedIn so people looking for me by work address will still find my primary profile (gmail)?

4 things that would make me love G+

1) 2-3 sizes for all posts (text vs. photo vs. re-share), with comments collapsed by default

2) Rolled-up view for Sparks, let me read them all aggregate newest to oldest, too much clicking.

3) Light up Sparks and Circles when there's new content

4) Jump to Top nav button

There should REALLY be a rolled-up view in the Sparks feature.

I like the chat with circles feature. I usually leave G Chat off because it makes me available to everyone.
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