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Wondering which music streaming service to use in India? Here is a comparison with price, library, battery consumption, audio quality etc compared. 

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Apple has made the Dual Camera setup mainstream. Point of no return! So let's look at what it is.

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Looking for 4G phones in India? Look no further!

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With the Moto M, Motorola has gone all metal. How is it? First impressions by +Aditya Shenoy here: 

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Surprise move by OnePlus to replace 3 with 3T. Hope they can get the price in India to about Rs 29,999 or 31,000.

How the SoC is Displacing the CPU

If these trends continue, there is no reason why a highly integrated SoC chip cannot displace a standalone CPU chip in a premium laptop (e.g. MacBook Air or MacBook Pro).

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Poll: How much inconvenience did you personally had to face due to government's move to ban Rs 1000 & Rs 500 notes.
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Vaat Lag Gayi (Big Issue For Me)
Chalta Hai (Not Much Impact)
Majama Chu (Totally Cool)
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